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  1. JimmyRussell

    Quote of the night in my house goes to my 9 year old nephew who saw Robert Downey Jr and said “Tony Stark is there? Awesome!”

  2. Nina

    I know that Fantastic Mr. Fox was absolutely amazing but I’m really glad Up won Best Animated. Up makes my younger brother cry every time he watches it (and let me add that he’s an 18 year old high school lacrosse player). If it can touch him and his jocky friends I feel that it deserved to win.

  3. Tony Cottam

    COP ROCK~~~!!! YES!!! Someone *else* remembers it!

  4. Lando

    Have to disagree on 30 Rock. This past season was easily it’s worst. I’m not a fan of Glee either but I believe that 30 Rock did not even deserve a nomination this year. It’s sad because it used to be one of the bright spots in my week, and now I don’t even notice if I miss an episode.

  5. David

    hahaha. love the comic. i just watched that skit last night on hulu!

  6. Sally

    Also noticed how pissed Tobey Mcguire was when he lost out to Jeff Bridges for Best Actor-Drama.

  7. Kevin

    I’m actually glad Glee won. Even though it’s first season hasn’t even ended, the story that was presented was, although a little uneven, fantastic overall. 30 Rock has been going downhill for me since the beginning, and I can’t quite figure out why. I’m generally a fan of intelligent comedy, but the show just hasn’t made me laugh like it used to.

    I will take this moment to lament the fact that comedy and musical always get smashed together at the Globes. While Glee had a lot of funny moments, I would have trouble calling it a comedy, but since it had music featured prominently, it is no longer allowed to compete with the other dramas. I just don’t get it.

  8. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I was shooting for Fantastic Mr. Fox as well, but I guess in the end Up is just a better movie. But hopefully this’ll be the year that Up gets a Best Picture nom, letting Fox take the Best Animated Oscar.

    Good for The Hangover taking Best Comedy, but I can’t see it taking any Oscars. I just don’t think it’s a good enough movie (in other news, where’s In The Loop in all this?).

  9. woodstock

    I never really thought that actors enjoyed plugging their work at award shows. To me it seems like something they are forced to do, so I don’t hold it against them and think of them as classless.

    • Tom

      Forced to do? Thaaaaaat’s kind of a stretch.

      If they were being forced to do it, you’d see celebrities plugging their movies before reading the nominees before every award.

      I mean, it happens at the MTV Music Video Awards. That’s the only time I really see it abused.

  10. Stefan

    “Also noticed how pissed Tobey Mcguire was when he lost out to Jeff Bridges for Best Actor-Drama.”
    No, lol, but Jason Reitman’s expression when he lost to James Cameron was hilarious.

    I was personally rooting for The Princess and the Frog to win best animated feature. That’s without a doubt my favourite of the very strong animated films this year. I loved Up (as well as the un-nominated Ponyo), but The Princess and the Frog has had a longer-lasting and bigger effect on me, especially since it brought back the great Disney animation that hasn’t been seen in a while.

    But, overall, I’m pleased with most of the winners, especially Waltz. They might as well just give him the Oscar right now, because no other actor came close to his work last year.

  11. totalmoviefreak

    I enjoyed watching the calebrities that appeared legitimately smashed such as Felicity Huffman presenting and if you watched red carpet interviews before the ceremony, you could see Julie ROberts was GONE! lol

  12. Chris

    So what will Cameron do next? Each of his movies seem to cost significantly more than the previous and Avatar was incredibly expensive. Will anybody loan him the money to make another obscenely expensive movie, I mean he is bound to have a flop eventually right?

  13. joshua

    I love Ricky Gervais. I wouldn’t call him classless. The British have a long standing tradition of taking credit for what they’ve done and not being afraid to point out when they have done something. Americans look at it as “classless” or “boastful,” but I didn’t see it, so I suppose I can’t comment. It doesn’t sound like he made a big show of it though.

    • Tom

      I didn’t mean to suggest that Gervais was a classless person. But I thought plugging your show at the absolute last minute and then dashing away from the podium was a pretty classless thing to do.

  14. wren1313

    Gervais plugging his show at the end didn’t bother me that much because it was part of a running gag throughout the show.

    What did bother me was Avatar & James Cameron winning Best Picture Drama and Best Director. Avatar is beautiful eye candy full of a cliched & sub par story. Don’t get me wrong; I loved Avatar & it will be the reason that I get a BluRay player but it was just not worthy of the acclaim it received last night. Worse yet, this sets him up, once again, to win the Best Picture & Director Oscars. I’ve already conceded all technical awards to Avatar but any other awards should be reserved for better scripted & acted films with substance. Good movies haunt my thoughts long after I’ve seen the movie, but Avatar was here & gone from my head like shots at a bachelor party!

  15. Joshy

    Because facial hair is the bomb dot com. I’d love to see you rock a beard sometime. The ladies think they’re suave and the dudes think they’re prestigious. You just can’t go wrong with a beard.

    • Tom

      I’ve tried growing a beard in the past, Joshy. It comes in patchy and Cami hates it.

      I think it makes roguishly handsome. But that’s just a lie I tell myself.

  16. Joshy

    Yeah I figured that was the case. At least you tried though. It’s the effort that counts.

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