Monday was the last recorded episode of The Triple Feature. It was kind of a bittersweet moment for me because, after a month away from the show, coming back for two more felt like someone yanked the rug out from under me. I find it weird that I won’t have a show to do next Monday.

But at any rate, it was our last show and the three of us named our picks for the Top 10 Movies of 2009. If any of you missed it, I decided to repost them here.

Now, I need to preface this list by letting you know that I am fully aware of it’s complete lack of “serious” films. The reason for that is, well, I didn’t see and serious films this year! This was not from a lack of wanting to see such films, but more a matter of circumstance.

You see, whenever there is a great film with a lot of buzz around it that both Cami and I want to see, it usually takes an Act of God for us to see it together. We need to find a babysitter, a day in the schedule that works for everyone… It can be a real pain. So if there’s a movie that both of us want to see and we can’t go together, I don’t go at all.

But if it’s a movie that is complete garbage that Cami has no interest in seeing, then I’m more likely to catch a late showing by myself after the kids are in bed. As a result, I don’t see a lot of “quality” films these days.

But I compiled a complete list of the films I did see plus the films I wanted to see and… we’ll get into that later. For now, my picks for the Top 10 Movies of 2009!

  1. Zombieland
    I’ve made no secret of my distaste for zombie movies. I don’t like gore and a I don’t like cheap scares. But there was enough buzz around Zombieland that I felt compelled to check it out. Turns out the buzz was right as writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick turned in a sharp-witted and entertaining script that lived up to the hype.
  2. I Love You , Man
    If I never hear the word “bromance” again, it’ll be too soon. But because of I Love You , Man hopefully I never will. The film is quite possibly the nadir of the emerging genre. A sweet, likable movie about nice people and their insubstantial problems. But the movie is funny is a way that isn’t forced. It doesn’t rely on outlandish situations but rather character idiosyncrasies to find humor. Count me in for a sweet, sweet hang, Jobin.
  3. Princess and The Frog
    A grand return to form for The House of Mouse that features a strong female lead, a beautifully painterly style, upbeat musical numbers from Randy Newman and a message you can take to the bank, literally. “Wish on stars all you want, but wishing will only take you half-way. Hard work is really how you make your dreams come true!”
  4. Inglourious Basterds
    I admired (but didn’t expressly enjoy) Quentin Tarantino’s hyper-violent “What If?…” version of World War II the first time I saw it. But the film has grown on me with time. Watching it again on DVD, I was impressed by how well the three main set pieces slowly build the tension and keep it suspended until it breaks. Christoph Waltz devours the screen as Colonel Hans Landa in the best supporting performance of the year
  5. Avatar
    Despite its weak plot and somewhat uninspired dialogue, director James Cameron did an exceptional job with the visuals of this film and showing audiences something they’ve never seen before. In film, it is always better to show than to tell and Cameron over-delivers with Avatar. With over a billion dollars at the box office in 4 week’s time, he’s obviously done something right.
  6. Star Trek
    Star Trek defined the summer for me. Big, loud and a little bit dumb – but damn if I didn’t have a good time. J.J. Abrams reboot not only makes the franchise accessible to a new generation, but it does a good job placating the existing fan base – no easy task. A tip of the hat to the casting department. Nearly every actor is note-perfect in the role. Considering the potential for this film to land flat on it’s face, the fact that it soars is a testament to the enduring legacy of Star Trek.
  7. The Hangover
    The highest grossing comedy of all time is a modern comedy classic. That sounds like boilerplate critical hyperbole, but trust me. People will continue to watch and rewatch Hangover for years and years to come. Part of it is due to the outrageous situations of three heroes find themselves in, but mostly it’s because I think every guy either has (or wishes they had) a story like theirs to tell to their buddies.
  8. Taken
    I don’t think anyone expected Liam Neeson to kick ass an take names as well as he did in Taken, but the movie was a left-field home run for me. Sure, it’s hard-boiled Eurotrash cheese, but if Qui-Gon Jin had been this badass in The Phantom Menace, it would have been a whole new ballgame.
  9. Up
    The only reason Up isn’t number one on this list is because it becomes a little too much of a madcap adventure that gets lost within itself near the end. I mean, dogs with special collars that allow them to talk… I’m on board with that. Dogs that can fly biplanes? That’s where I draw the line (present company excepted). Up finds exceptional human truth in the opening montage that captures the marriage of Carl and his wife Ellie. In what results as the most raw and emotional scene of any children’s movie in recent memory, that truth is what carries the movie aloft.
  10. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    For me, Fantastic Mr. Fox was simply the right movie at the right time. I was charmed by it’s hand-made sensibility and lo-fi approach. I was swayed by director Wes Anderson’s trademark dry snark and obsessive attention to detail. I admired the film for taking it’s time, going at it’s own pace and presenting us with something joyfully different than the barrage of digital 3D wonders that have saturated movies right now. I’m all for the progression of technology. But sometimes tried and true techniques in the hands of a visionary that cares about craft and attention to detail the medium requires is the perfect little love letter to film goers.

So, there you have it! My picks for the Top 10 Movies of 2009! Stay tuned for my complete list of films watched in 2008 (ranked in order) as well as the movies I WANTED to see, but haven’t.

Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below!