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  1. Stefan

    I saw The Princess and the Frog on opening day and it was definitely Disney at top form and their best film since Lilo & Stitch. It seemed that following that flick, their films became decidedly mediocore. But The Princess and the Frog was all kinds of excellent. Great songs, beautiful animation, terrific voice-cast and touching love story.

    Not that I’m telling you how to be a parent, but definitely show Henry the other Disney classics, too (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Fantasia, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King being some of their best). I was raised on those movies and they were a major component of being me the serious film fan I am today.

    • Tom

      We own a few of the Disney classics – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast – but not as many as I would like.

      Aladdin is probably at the top of my list for ownership. I’d love to show that one to Henry.

  2. Chris

    Glad to hear good things about Princess and the Frog. I’ve been looking forward to it.

    But you say Atlantis is bad? For shame! Yeah, it was different than previous Disney films, its story was strong and the art was gorgeous. That movie gets a bum rap.

    • Tom

      Chris, other than Michael J. Fox voicing the lead, I remember nothing about that film. It is grossly forgettable.

      I don’t think it gets a bum rap at all. That movie comes from a time where Disney was directly targeting young boys with more action-oriented fare and they sold their souls to do it.

  3. Avi

    In terms of theme and message, this is the most mature Disney movie yet – you can wish on a star but you need to work for your dreams. Also, the animation was beautiful, they did stuff in the musical numbers I’ve never seen before!

  4. Doshi

    Considering what they did with Tarzan and The Lion King, that’s saying something. Haven’t seen the new one yet, will probably wait until the Xmas week, but The Lion King is still my single favorite Disney movie ever (with Return of Jafar second, mostly due to plot timing issues).

  5. Brandon J. Carr

    Tom, Atlantis was a GORGEOUS movie…come on, Mike Mignola was one of the artistic developers! That’s it…the next two comics are about Tom watching and loving Atlantis.


  6. Tom

    Okay, so that’s two votes for Atlantis.

    Maybe I need to go back and watch it as a graphic designer / illustrator instead of… y’know… a guy looking for a storyline and plot! ;D

  7. Gordon

    Atlantis WAS gorgeous, but the story was WEEEEAAAAK.

  8. dave13

    woah woah woah. you’re knocking Treasure Planet? no no no no sir! that movie is one of the poorest marketed most beautiful Disney films ever. it tanked in the theaters, but it is a very beautiful film with amazing animation and quite a journey through space. was it classic Disney? no, and that is one of the reasons I like it all the more. Also, it has great music by I believe Howard, and brought to us by the man who brought us Aladdin, Hercules, and The Black Cauldron.

    also, go rewatch Atlantis. 😉

  9. wren1313

    Glad to read the everyone is enjoying Princess & the Frog. I was on the fence about the film until I visited Disney World in November. Their promotions of it were really nice; at Magic Kingdom with a parade that led into a show on the Riverboat, at Disney Studios with an in depth look at the characters, & at all the parks with a free child’s pass with every park ticket.

  10. Brig_xen

    I’m on the fence about the “Princess & the Frog” but maybe I’ll have to convince the hubby to go. I think you should get “Aladdin”, “The Lion King” & “The Jungle Book” as those seem to be ones that little boys like. They’re not so princess focused like many of the other classics. My friend’s son and my little cousins loved those films I mentioned so I bet Henry would like them too. I’m really a big fan of all 3 but my family all had a good time showing “The Jungle Book” to my grandparents. My grandpa laughed & giggled so much we’d have to back it up now & then cause he missed stuff giggling.

    BTW I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on the new addition to your family. Welcome to the world baby Pearl! What a wonderful gift for you family for Christmas! 🙂

  11. trevor

    Ha ha ha, Brandon is hilarious! Love seeing him doing comics again.

  12. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I caught Princess and the Frog last Thursday, really enjoyed it. If Disney is going back to making movies like that I fully support the decision. It was cool to look at, had a bunch of cool characters (Dr. Facilier is easily one of my favorite Disney villains. And you’re right, he had the best song), good humor, and generally a lot of soul. Thumbs up from me.

    And I feel I need to defend Treasure Planet, as I think that’s a really good movie that doesn’t get near the love it deserve (and yeah, Atlantis is pretty decent as well. Home on the Range on the other hand…).

    Now, onto Avatar week.

  13. George

    I have to agree with Gordon on Atlantis, yes the visuals were awesome, but the story was extremely weak. The big “plot twist” was a cliche one at best, and not up to Disney standards. It really seemed like a League of Extraordinary Gentleman crossed with Treasure Planet deal. Although the dieselpunk-ness of the movie was probably one of the best aspects of the film, then again, I am a total Dieselpunker at heart.

    With regards to Princess and the Frog, I’m seeing it either this weekend along with Avatar, or seeing it next weekend alongside Sherlock Holmes, as i don’t get to go to the movies often enough, and with all the great movies coming out, I have to decide on two I really need to see. Or maybe, i’ll do what this comics title states, and see all three in one day 😀

  14. Felix

    Jungle Book & Robin Hood

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