Today’s guest strip comes from Ryan Estrada. If you’re not familiar with Ryan’s work, you need to make yourself familiar.

Because this guy is gooooood

How good? He references a complete throw away detail (The Ha-Ha Hut from this comic) in the first line of his guest strip. Attention to detail like that is the kind of professionalism that intimidates me from ever doing a guest strip for anyone else ever again. I’ll just refer all inquiries to Ryan. Because, clearly, he has his bases covered.

I also gotta give it up to Ryan for the joke he came up with for his comic. The career arc he developed for comedians was right on the money and probably applies to more comedians than not. Eddie Murphy was the first one to spring to my mind. Maybe Adam Sandler or a touch of Mike Myers. Who else do you think Ryan’s formula applies to?

Mull that over for a while, leave some comments and then go check out Ryan’s web site. Thanks again to Ryan for providing an excellent guest strip. I loved it!

Switching gears… A quick Kickstarter update.

You guys have been doing great pledging to the Kickstarter fund raising campaign for Theater Hopper: Year Three. We’re now 52% funded and roughly $1,500 away from goal.

But we have 20 days left to meet that goal – less than 3 weeks – so I’m still on pins and needles! When you think about the holidays coming up and the distraction that causes, we really have LESS than 3 weeks to meet our goal!

Please pledge to the fund raising campaign today. As of this posting, we’re $74 away from $2,000. I think if we could top $2,000 today, that would be excellent.

I am trying to push us toward “the tipping point” – that moment where people look at the campaign and say to themselves “Hey, this is really happening! I think I’m going to make a pledge myself” and the whole thing takes off.

I watched it happen with Gordon’s fund raising campaign for the first Multiplex book. He pushed and pushed for weeks. Then, one day, I think he was 70% to goal and I told him “That was the tipping point, man. You’re going to fund this thing no problem.” Within 3 days, the rest of the campaign was funded. It was pretty cool to watch.

Help us get to the tipping point. Pledge today.

Last bit of news… You’ve probably seen it already, but Iron Man 2 released another poster. This time featuring Mikey Rourke as the villain Whiplash.

Iron Man 2, Whiplash, Mickey Rourke

Please keep in mind that this guy is 57 years-old. Looks pretty good for his age, if you ask me.

Well, you know, except the face that looks like hamburger.

By the way, does anyone else think that it’s AWESOME that we have a superhero movie where the lead actor is 44 years-old and going toe-to-toe with a 57 year-old?

I love Iron Man for several reasons. But I think the filmmakers rejection of youth culture is in my Top 10 “Reasons to love Iron Man” list. Just awesome.

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

↓ Transcript
Kid, I saw your act at the Ha Ha Hut. I love your edgy brand of comedy! I'm going to make you a star!

You're offering me a movie?

Eleven movies!

Edgy stand-up movies.

Edgy comedy adapted into R rated buddy comedy format

Further over-saturation of once-edgy comedy.

Neutered PG rated comedy appealing to wider audience while newer comedians do edgier stuff.

Family Film parts 1-3

Hugely popular animated film that solidifies place in non-edgy mainstream.

Attention grabbing dramatic performance.

Cash grab kiddie movie remake resigned to after all that attention turns out to have been curiosity rather than genuine interest

Awful comedy that only pays mortgage and makes people sad.

That sound terrible!

What do you mean? That's the same deal we offer all our comedians!