Apologies for posting this update so late today, but my schedule has been thrown off somewhat. Not only by Pearl’s arrival (and the changes to our routine that a new baby brings) but also by this monster snowstorm that has everyone in the Midwest hanging onto their hats. I think they said Des Moines received 14.5″ of snow last night and now it’s whipping around in 45 MPH winds. Fun!

Anyway, the whole Brazelton clan is hunkered down at home today and we’ve been busy juggling a newborn and a rambunctious 2 year-old. Hence, the delay.

Today’s guest strip comes from Trevor Mueller who has always been a great friend to the site. I’ve know Trevor for years. Primarily through the forum community over at Digital Pimp Online. But I’ve also had the good fortune to meet him in person a few times. Usually at Wizard World Chicago each year – and we’ve had the good fortune to hang out a couple of times.

Since I feel so terrible about posting his comic late, please take extra time to visit his site featuring his photo comic @$$hole! It’s always a good time.

Thanks again, Trevor!

I wanted to mention really quickly that things are looking up over at the Kickstarter fund raising campaign for Theater Hopper: Year Three. You guys heard the call on Monday and have been pledging your support in big ways! We’re now over 50% funded, which really makes me feel great!

But we have 21 days to go. With the holidays coming up, the time we have left will evaporate before you know it! Be sure to visit the fund raising campaign page and look over all the potential rewards you can receive by pledging to the project. Free books, t-shirts, 1″ button sets, original artwork and more can all be yours with your pledge! The sooner you pledge, the sooner I can send the books to the printer!

Again, sincere thanks to everyone who has pledged so far. I greatly appreciate your support!

That’s all for the moment. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to hold on to my daughter for a couple of hours so Cami can get some sleep!

↓ Transcript
Mr. Brazelton, Were' with the FCC.

Why am I here?

Oh, I think you know why...

You're responsible for destroying the foundations of the entertainment system and undermining Hollywood.

Transformers 2, Twilight: New Moon, Paranormal Activity...

...these are awful movies that somehow broke box office records and you are responsible!

That's nuts!

Is it?

You run a comic called Theater Hopper, don't you?

Theater Hopping by definition, encourages movie-goers to purchase tickets to one movie and attend another, thus denying the second movie any ticket sales.

People are buying tickets to these terrible movies, which no one in their right mind would ever watch, and sneak in to see better movies without paying for a ticket.

Your comic encourages this behavior.

Could be worse.

My comic could be called "Illegal Pirated Downloads."

We're watching you, Mr. Brazelton.