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  1. trevor

    I was under the impression that, ever since Saw 2, the franchise was only going to last 6 movies.

    I thought Paranormal Activity would have been much more enjoyable if it had been a 15 minute short film, focusing on the bedroom camera that showed all the scary stuff. Then there wouldn’t be the mess of character motivation contradictions and plot holes throughout.

  2. totalmoviefreak

    I am so glad Paranormal Activity beat out Saw since it is such a better film. I really hope they don’t attempt to make a sequel. They should leave this one alone.

  3. Wade

    As I’ve said on other forums, I don’t want to get too excited because Saw VI getting beaten. It’s got room to grow, particularly with Halloween coming up, but nevertheless…

    Start the parade!

  4. Binkleykun

    I’m just glad Amelia tanked.

    Everything I’ve seen of Amelia screams “terrible” and yet people are talking about Oscar buzz?

    But man, GGPO Astro Boy and Imagi. I guess we’re not getting a Gatchaman movie.

  5. Tom


    Saw VI will probably have room to grow over Halloween. Paranormal Activity will be in it’s third week by then and some of the buzz is sure to fade.

    But the point is that Saw VI used to be BULLETPROOF. They’ve OWNED Halloween for the last 4 years easy. There’s blood in the water now.

  6. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I really hope there’s no actual sequel to Paranormal Activity. That’s just an outrageously dumb thing to do (from a quality standpoint at least). What would be better is using the money to keep going with the different, good scary movies, not try and get the same effects all over again.

    As for Saw, I’m a big Saw fan, and even I think it’s time for the series to end. Rather hoping this one tanks so that Lionsgate calls off Saws VII – IX (ugh). It’s a shame, really, since Saw VI was pretty good (they actually put a fair amount of effort into this one).

  7. landstander

    Ha haaa Disco Ghost

  8. Jim Ryan

    So what’s the elevator pitch for DISCO GHOST? This sounds like it has possibilities…

  9. Polystyrene

    Is it really fair to compare Saw to it’s misformed distant cousins we call Saw II through VI? They altered the formula heavily for the 2nd and beyond because writing another psychological statement on society was too difficult so they just made disgusting people die in interesting ways. Saw III almost had a moral but it got lost in doctor’s head being torn to shreds.

    Do we need a halloween horror movie though? Can we have interesting movies that don’t come in three packs? I haven’t seen paranormal activities yet but I may catch it sometime in the next few weeks, but from what i’ve seen of previews making a sequel just sounds plain bad. I would rather see a new werewolf movie come out for halloween than the disturbing hostel-type we keep getting.

    • Tom

      For what it’s worth, from everything I’ve read about Paranormal Activity, it’s not another piece of torture porn. It’s actually a very well-constructed piece of psychological horror with very little gore.

  10. Damien

    There was a sequel to Blair Witch? Wow, it must’ve tanked bad, I’ve never even heard of it.

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