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  1. Matt Delisle
    Matt Delisle

    I won free tickets to Zombieland from a local radio station so I’ll get to check out the premiere on Thursday and beat the crowds.

    Otherwise it looks like it might be as good as Shaun of the Dead or in the same vein as it, which is great. I like the cast and I hope this does well.

    On a side note, I got to see Surrogates last week for a free premiere thingy. This movie disappointed me, it seemed like it had the potential to be good but it got lost in the plot. The acting was sub par and what action scenes there were felt lame and tacked on. I wouldn’t recommend the movie to anyone personally unless you can turn off your brain for an hour and a half.

  2. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I can’t wait for Zombieland. I love a good zombie comedy, and word is this one is quite funny (and is rather hopeful as well, which is more than a little odd for a zombie movie. Even a comedy). Also can’t wait for the Toy Story 3D thing; I only vaguely remember seeing the second in theaters, and don’t remember the first at all. So it’ll be cool to see them on the big screen, and the 3D is a nice bonus (actually, the two movies for the price of one is a nice bonus. Even if they probably charge a little extra for being in 3D).

    To copy Matt here and speak of movies last week, caught Paranormal Activity late Friday night. Haven’t been that scared at a movie before. Ever.

  3. Liz

    I am a HUGE zombie movie buff, so seeing Zombieland basically has to happen. I’m excited for it. If you want a scary zombie movie though, check out Quarantine. That movie completely mind-effed me

  4. Steve

    I’m looking forward to Zombieland, and I decided that before I saw any trailers and only knew that Woody Harrelson was a main character, and Bill Murray would show up in some form… most likely a cameo.
    Then I saw the trailer. This movie looks pretty funny, and a zombie infested life always makes for an interesting topic. Rather than the usual breakdown of humanity, showing people to be the true monsters, this movie looks like it takes the other turn, showing how other people cope with a world full of zombies by just having fun with it. I mean you probably either go crazy trying to survive, or you just survive and make the best of it.
    This movie looks like fun, and I’ll be there.

  5. Doobjank

    Kingpin is one of my favorite comedies of all time, so Zombieland has won me over just on Woody Harrelson alone!

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