Hey, guys.

I wanted to let you know that I pulled what I was told was malicious code from the site and (with any luck) you guys should stop seeing malware errors.

Except… I don’t think that’s happening.

I let people know about the code change yesterday through my Twitter account and asked people to let me know if they were still seeing the error. Some people said the error messages stopped, others said they were still getting them.

My suspicion is that people using Safari and Chrome were the ones getting the error messages in the first place. After I made the code change, things look clear for Safari users, but not Chrome.

My guess is because, like an elephant, Google never seems to forget and I’m wondering if I have to send a letter to them to have the site reindexed.

Are there any readers who use both Safari and Chrome? Or, can I ask everyone to reply to this blog post and let me know 1.) If they see the error and 2.) What browser they’re using?

We need to narrow this down and I think we’re getting closer, but we need your help!