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  1. Kieran

    Good argument, but it still won’t stop the haters.

    Sadly for some God unkown reason Up isn’t out until October in the UK. Sucks to be us.

  2. Glen Newman
    Glen Newman

    It does indeed suck to be us. I don’t know any Pixar haters but if I did, I’d have the exact same reaction as Tom!

    Quick question Tom, are you going to see it in 3D or regular format? I’m not sold on this new expansion of 3D yet

  3. Allan

    This movie is going to be a big deal for my family. I LOVE PIXAR. Heck it’s probably #2 on my dream jobs list (second to Lego Master Builder). But this one is extra special because after a successful trip to Medieval Times, the wife (also a movie lover) and I have decided that this is the movie to introduce our daughter (2 1/2 yeas old) to the joys of going to the movies. She’s seen the trailer, and like everyone else, loves the talking dog. Hopefully she enjoys it as much as we will.

  4. Tom

    I’ve heard that the visuals are so good in Up that the 3D kind of obscures them. If you’ve been to a 3D movie lately, you notice how the glasses turn down the brightness of the image by about 30%.

    I’ll probably see Up in both 3D and 2D to see which one I prefer. I’m already thinking 2D is going to be the more attractive print.

  5. Sabina

    I’ll admit it — I was once one of those haters who, upon seeing the trailer for a Pixar film, would say, “Who the heck would want to see that?!” Then I’d be immediately silenced once seeing the actual film. I remember thinking that when I saw the trailer for Finding Nemo. When I saw the actual movie, I was so impressed that I couldn’t believe I had doubted the movie in the first place! I don’t judge the movies by their trailers anymore, because, also, as an enthusiastic reader, I’ve learned not to ‘judge a book by its cover.’ I try to apply that to most movies now.

    I am thoroughly excited about Up. From what I’ve seen, the characters look engaging and fun, and the special effects seem superb. I can’t wait to see this movie!

  6. evan

    Maybe the question you should be asking is, “Why doesn’t Pixar put out better teaser trailers in the first place?”

    People who are “haters” seem to be judging the next movies on the merits of the trailer, whereas you just assume it’s going to be great in spite of the trailer just because it’s Pixar and you trust them. Why not put the talking dog in the first trailer?

    For my part, I don’t care. I can take or leave Pixar, from teaser trailer to completed movie. And beyond!

    • Tom

      I don’t think Pixar puts out terrible teasers. Their teasers do exactly what they’re supposed to do… they tease. They give you a hint at the plot. They don’t spoil everything in one go. In my opinion, that’s something too many trailers are guilty of these days.

      I think back in the days when Pixar was producing Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo, it may have been more acceptable to question what Pixar was attempting to do. They hadn’t established their track record yet. Those plots looked like a risk.

      But you’re absolutely right that I trust Pixar – and why shouldn’t I? 10 consecutive box office hits, critical praise, Oscars? Even their worst movies are beyond the pale compared to other animated fare. Name one other studio that has had as much consistent success as Pixar has since 1995.

  7. Doobjank

    Up looks fun, but I’m more interested in Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell.

  8. Lawrence

    Have to agree with all the above. Personally, I’m still waiting for a sequel to the Incredibles… Yet another in your list of boundary pushing technological works with solid stories.

    But yeah, eventually the odds even out and mighty Pixar will put out, if not a turd, at least a movie that won’t live up to previous triumphs. Given how heavily merchandised Cars was, I’d put my money on its sequel to be the one to disappoint.

  9. taekwondogirl

    One of my biggest beefs about the criticisms involving Up was that people were complaining it was too fantastical and not realistic. Since when were people looking to animation and cartoons for realism? FFS, why does everything have to be normal and within the realm of possibility?

    • Tom

      “Too fantastic” and “not realistic?”

      Have these people even SEEN a Pixar movie before?

  10. lower-case colleen
    lower-case colleen

    Im originally from the Bay Area, visited the studio once when a friend was working there, and I can honestly say I have never met a pixar hater. Ever. Its like, completely anathema to my worldview. Anyone who claims to be a flat-out hater i would immediately write off as someone whose opinion in movies is not worth my time. You know, the sorts of people who keep paying to go see the Movie Movies. 😛

  11. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually met a Pixar-hater either (barring the occasional forum member who wants t look tough by not admitting to liking them). And really, it will take a lot for me t stop loving Pixar. A Bug’s Life and Cars are their only wonky ones (in my opinion, though that tends to change every time I watch those two), and with Finding Nemo, WALL-E, Toy Story 2, and Ratatouille under their belt (considering building a shrine to that last one), they’re officially on my ‘benefit of the doubt’ list. Even the inevitable bad movie (and says who? Is it so inconceivable they will always make good movie?) won’t put a sour taste in my mouth.

    I d miss something about them, though, the early teasers specifically made of material not actually in the final movie. Just stuff to give people an idea about things. I think Ratatouille was the last one to do that, since WALL-E and Up (seems to, at least) use footage from the movie in their teasers.

  12. totalmoviefreak

    I am much like Jared in this sense. I usually see Pixar trailers and feel uninterested because I feel nothing can beat Finding Nemo which I hold true. but the movies are never bad. I end up being dragged to the movie against my will and come out pleasently surprised (except for Cars). Up looks like a dumb concept but will probably turn out hilarius and as you seem to like it a might be persuaded. I hope you see it before I do because you’re critiques assist in making my movies choices.

  13. Fnnogg

    The Pixar teaser trailers are one of my favorite things about each new Pixar movie. I love the fact that they tend to simply introduce the characters in a situation similar to the something in the plot, but don’t actually show a single event or use any lines from the film. The only teaser trailer aside from Pixar that ever got me so excited for a movie was the teaser for Attack of the Clones where they just played the sound of Vader breathing and flashed tidbits at you.

  14. Edly

    I’m a manager at a major movie theater in Silicon Valley. After seeing all but the last 30 minutes of Up yesterday, I’d say the Carl is probably the most interesting character. But true to Pixar they allow all of the characters to shine. My main beef with the movie is just how they left everything open to PUNS. “How is the Upload of the feature going?” “It’s looking Up!” Couldn’t they give it a name like “Carl’s Big Ol’ Adventure” or something?

    Tom, as to your comment: “TEN classic films that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder to some of the most technically innovative and engrossing films in all of animation.” You probably could have left off the last 4 words.

    About the 2D vs 3D debate: Yes, the glasses do cut down on the light. We crank Up the light (there it goes again!) for 3D films, but it doesn’t completely compensate. For example, on our smaller screen a 2D show uses a 4 kilowatt bulb, but the same screen, same projector, uses a 6 kilowatt bulb for 3D. You do have to factor in that the projector has polarizing filters between the lens and the port glass that cut down on that light, and then you have the glasses cutting it down as well. 3D does use a more reflective screen than 2D though. Next time you go see a movie, go ahead and take a close look at the screen (Don’t touch it! They’re easily stained and ripped!) Screens made for 2D only are white. Screens made to show both 2D and 3D are metallic. In short, I haven’t added anything at all to the 2D vs 3D debate. Reality: Some people don’t like 3D. We’re showing both, as usual. See what you want to see.

    Man, talk about a disorganized mess of a post! Hope I haven’t lost anyone in the spaghetti mess above!

  15. Edly

    Glad I didn’t include this in the above post. It was already pretty messy.

    As for the teaser trailer debate, it really seems to be over whether you want to be teased or not. I know a lot of my projectionists complain about the trailers from Dreamworks Animation. The consistent complaint is that by the time the movie is out, they’ve already seen it. The trailers gave the entire movie away. I know I felt this way about the last two Shrek movies. I’d refer to this kind of trailer as a “Spoiler Trailer.”

    Any thoughts?

  16. taekwondogirl

    I’d refer to those as a normal trailer nowadays, sadly. I’m a bit disappointed with how much of Up I’ve already seen. The great part about their initial teasers are they dare you to guess, and use your own imagination, to dream up what sort of situations the premise can get the characters in.

  17. Kevin I

    I can say that I’ve never met a Pixar hater in real life, on the internet sure but there’s a hater for everything here, you can find haters for free candy and happiness here. I personally didn’t care much for Finding Nemo, but I can see how it’s a quality flick just not for me (I think it’s that I didn’t instantly love it like every other Pixar flick)

    Even my must curmudgeonly friends geeked out over the Up trailers!

  18. Jessie

    Seeing it at midnight with all my animator friends at Downtown Disney! Waaaay excited! :]

  19. Edly

    Tom: Was the title of this strip some kind of reference to “Cloverfield?” I’m hoping not (so…much…barf!)

    • Tom

      More of a reference to the punchline and how lucky Pixar has been for the last decade and a half.

  20. Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell

    I had the same reaction to the trailer and have little interest in the movie. The only thing that might perk up my interest is the talking dog but I’m not “Up” for this one. I’ll go back to my minority shed now.

  21. bryan

    Nothing to do with the UP topic but just a general note. I kind of miss the movie reviews. I know they were a lot of work but it was nice to have a different outlet for a more indepth look at certain movies.

    • Tom

      The movie reviews these days are more of a mix-in with the usual blogs, but I appreciate your enjoyment of them. I had fun writing them.

      They might pop up again. Who knows.

  22. MadMuffin

    As far as the Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 go: Pixar is now obligated to do as Disney wishes since they are now controlling the puppet strings. Now they have to follow suit with Cinderella 98 and Sleeping Beauty 41. I think if Pixar Studio was not currently being dominated by Disney they probably wouldn’t make them considering their penchant for quality.

    • Tom

      MadMuffin, what are you talking about Disney pulling the strings? John Lasseter is the head of Disney Animation now. He deep-sixed several straight-to-video sequels because he felt they were hurting the brand.

  23. Eisha

    I’m really excited to see Up. I think I’ll have to work really hard to convince someone to go with me though…
    As far as Pixar critics go, the only movie by them that I didn’t like was A Bug’s Life, and that’s only because I hate anthropomorphic insects. My grasp of reality refuses to let me enjoy it.

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