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  1. WG

    Personally, I’m pretty excited for the new Terminator movie. Me and the wife are going to try and see it this weekend if we have the extra cash. I think it’ll be pretty good, I havent seen a Christian Bale movie that I haven’t liked yet. I had no idea there was that much footage out there of the movie in previews and clips and extended trailers on the internet. Just seems excessive to me. I don’t go searching for it on the net it all either though. I just leave it to TV advertising to coerece me into seeing a movie, also the person playing the lead role usually draws me in as well.

    I think the sketch idea is really cool, maybe you could offer 2 different kinds of sketches. You could sell the ones with running gags from the comics through the site, and the character sketches at conventions. You could probably even sell the running gags at conventions as well if you reference which comic it came from, so then you draw (pardon the pun) them into your site and generate yourself some more traffic.

  2. trevor

    Not to pimp myself on your website, but I got into an advanced screening of the flick and reviewed it back on Tuesday. I found it a fun and interesting take on a tried and true formula. Certainly better than T3, but not as good as T2. The plot suffers from the pacing issues and some very strange moments where it doesn’t seem like they knew where to go, but there are some fun fan shout-out moments and some pretty good action throughout.

  3. Pete

    As I mentioned in the last thread, I’ve been excited about this movie since the beginning. I love the Terminator mythology, but more importantly I love sci-fi films. And the negative reviews only give me hope that I’ll like the movie even more (heck, the critics hacked-and-slashed The Chronicles of Riddick, and that’s one of my favorite sci-fi flicks of all time).

    As far as movie clips go, I ALWAYS avoid them. The trailers give too much away as it is. Even with movies I’m super-psyched with, like Star Trek, I refuse to watch them. If the clip is good enough, I’d rather see it up on the big screen anyway, not on my computer screen with advertisements surrounding it.

    • Tom

      My point about the clips, though, is that the Terminator Salvation clips seem unavoidable. At least the Star Trek clips were a little more few and far between.

      Star Trek didn’t have to be omnipresent to bring people to the theater. They knew they had a quality product. A film that gives up so much of it’s content to the internet has problems.

  4. Darkness

    I saw Salvation yesterday afternoon. It was pretty entertaining. There’s a couple plot events you can see coming a mile away, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fun ride throughout. It’s got cool action and decent enough characters to be enjoyable.

    On the clip subject, I do somewhat agree with you. But although Star Trek was a better movie, I don’t think the oversaturation of Salvation clips is about that. I think it’s mostly a difference in studio. And to be fair, you’re exagerating somewhat. I’d only seen commercials and theater previews for Salvation before I went in yesterday and I spend plenty of time online. Those sort of things are there for the movie fans who search it out. I think part of the difference there is that die hard Trek fans are usually more interested about back story and surrounding information than seeing clips in advance, whereas Terminator has always been purely a movie franchise and thus those kind of film fans are the people they see as the core audience. (If that made sense to anyone but me)

    Minor spoiler: (Probably not worth mentioning but just to be extra super catious for those who care)

    On a point some people were mentioning a few days ago about the movie. There is some insinuation of the war changing because of the various time-travel events from the past movie. Even in one of the trailers you can hear John Conner mentioning the machines are advancing faster than the timelime he was told about. They don’t actually mention anything directly but the assumption would be that the changes are because the TX in T3 hooked ‘herself’ up to Skynet and probably told it about the failures they originally had and how John Conner beat them. If we give credit to the director, we could assume he’s trusting the audience to be smart enough to figure that out for ourselves, or you could assume they forgot to explain it.

  5. the bodyguard
    the bodyguard

    I loved Terminator Salvation. Thought it was a great action movie and I enjoyed immensely.

  6. Pete

    Just got back from seeing it. Still reeling with giddiness. No, it wasn’t Star Trek, but it was a darn good movie for the money.

    That being said, I’m not even going to try to argue with the people who didn’t like it. It seems that people who have decided not to like are going to be hardcore about it. Somebody actually booed the screen at the end of the flick (which, while I respect people’s rights to their opinions, is pretty friggin’ rude).

  7. totalmoviefreak

    I really like the idea of incentive sketches, I would totally buy them. I’m more interested in the one pannel gag. It seems more like having a piece of the comic. DO you have any more conventions coming up that you’ll be doing them for?

    • Tom

      The only other convention I have planned this year is Chicago in August. I can’t afford to go to most of them. Seattle was an experiment that worked out, but I can’t fly most places because of the cost.

  8. Salad Is Murder
    Salad Is Murder

    I think “Jared! Stop this crazy thing!” would have been a good one too.

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