Vote for Theater Hopper at Top Web Comics

It occurred to me that I forgot to upload the incentive image I normally use to bribe you into voting for me over at Top Web Comics. So it makes sense that I should maybe get on that. I’ve uploaded the image and you can view it when you vote for Theater Hopper at Top Web Comics.

For those of you who felt hoodwinked by Monday’s incentive “surprise,” you’ll be pleased to know that Wednesday’s incentive image is just a straight-up action shot of Wolverine. Scout’s Honor.

I’ve created an image to go with the blog that will help the link to Top Web Comics stand out more. The idea will be to change the image behind the check mark for each new incentive sketch so you get a little preview when it updates.

Top Web Comics has an option to use a text link that displays the comic ranking. You can see I’ve made room for it on the image but I haven’t figured out how to code that in just yet. Here’s the link if anyone is interested: I’m trying to figure out if size, color and placement of the rank number can be controlled with CSS. If anyone has any bright ideas, leave your comments below!