In my earlier post, I talked about my re-affiliation with and I wanted to take a minute to explain to everyone what it is and what my goals are.

People who have been visiting the site for a while remember that I was once affiliated with Top Web Comics. For the uninitiated, the site is a web comic promotion tool that gather votes submitted by readers and ranks the most “popular” comics on their homepage.

Top Web Comics was helpful resource when I was getting my start. It put the comic in front of a lot of readers as I ascended into the Top 10. I walked away from the ranking sites once I felt Theater Hopper could stand on it’s own two legs.

It’s been a few years since Theater Hopper and Top Web Comics parted ways. In that time, some readers have moved past web comics as part of their daily routine. Other people are being introduced to web comics for the first time. Now is a perfect opportunity to familiarize Theater Hopper with the next wave of readers and Top Web Comics is part of that strategy.

Here’s how it works: I post a new comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday just like I always do. But in the blog post, there will be a link to Top Web Comics where you can “vote” for Theater Hopper and contribute to it’s higher ranking.

For you’re trouble, you’ll be treated to a bonus sketch that may or may not be related to that day’s comic. It might be an addition to the punchline or a little extra scene. People who own a copy of Theater Hopper – Year Two will know what to expect. I collected several similar sketches from my previous tenure with Top Web Comics in that edition.

If you don’t want to vote, that’s fine. If you do want to vote, that’s great! It’s totally voluntary. But voting for Theater Hopper helps the site by raising its ranking on Top Web Comics and potentially bringing in new readers. Basically, it’s a very high profile opportunity for some free advertising that I’m not going to pass up.

I should also mention that I’m thinking about selling these bonus sketches in the store sometime in the near future. So if you vote for the comic and see a sketch you like, there will be an opportunity for you to own it at a very affordable price. Look for updates on that in the future.

So there you have it. Pretty cut and dried. Now you know why I’m affiliated with Top Web Comics again and you also know what additional value you get out of the arrangement.

I want to say thanks to the people who have already voted. So far, we’re up to #18 on the list. That’s really good! Now let’s see if we can crack the Top 10 in the next few days.

In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comments area below. I’d be happy to continue the conversation there.