Charlie, Jimmy, dating, tough guy posturing, insecurity, tattoos, holding hands

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  1. TheDudeAbides

    What does Jimmy’s tattoo say? I demand an answer!

  2. musicalfingers

    Read the previous comics. It’s all his past girlfriend’s names, crossed out.

    Tom, you don’t need to have a punchline for every comic! I actually really like the way this one ends. I’m anticipating the next one! Though I’m a little unclear as to what is happening in the first panel? Is Charlie snatching Jimmy’s hat off his head?

    • Tom


      You’re right – Charlie is snatching the hat off Jimmy’s head. The first thing she said to him when they met is “What’s up wit the hat” and that’s where Jimmy’s flashback picks up after the interjection from Tom in Monday’s strip.

      Thanks for your compliments!

  3. Jen

    I’d just like to reiterate that not every strip needs a punchline. You’re telling a really good story, and we’re interested in it even without a joke every four panels, haha. Don’t worry!

  4. martin

    remember tom not even penny arcade tells jokes all the time.

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