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  1. Lance

    I’m looking forward to seeing why he’s like this. But I’m sort of upset that you didn’t get Goth Jared in here for “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”. But, you’re the writer, I’m just a guy who reads the comics. Now, um, I wanna see all of those movies except for Coraline. I’m not that much into that style of animation or anything. I mean, does anything in that say “James and the Giant Peach” ? It does to me. I just don’t like that style. Now, I do see the similarities between Push and Jumper. I mean, they both have superpowered people being hunted. It kinda says “X-Men/Jumper” to me. But I wanna see it anyway. I think that it will show Dakota fanning developing into a young woman. I mean, her style of clothes and everything in that film point to her growing up. I’m not saying that her acting hasn’t been grown up, because let’s not forget “Man on Fire” or “Uptown Girls”. But, still. And I do see Chris Evans as being an under appreciated actor. He has talent and he should be seen for it. As for the other movies, well….Pink Panther will prolly be funny. I expect Fanboys to be one of the best comedies EVER. I think that “He’s Just not that in to you” will probably be the Romantic Comedy of the year. Well, I’ve said my part. So………bye

  2. musicalfingers

    To me, Coraline looks like an animated version of The Stepford Wives (the original, I mean, where they replace their wives with robots). When you see it, could you let me know if I’m right?

    • Tom

      I hadn’t thought about that comparison to The Stepford Wives. That’s a good observation! Although I don’t know if it’s so much about control or the supression of feminism like The Stepford Wives is. I think it’s more about childhood fantasy spinning out of control and growing up to a degree — the realization that the world isn’t always what you wish it could be.

      And sorry, Lance, for not covering Underworld. Just didn’t shake out.

  3. Staatz

    I’d see Fanboys if a I wasen’t trying to pinch every penny to save for a house… at least I can hear you guys talk about it on Monday, eh?

  4. Stefan

    I’ve been looking forward to Fanboys ever since I saw the trailer back in 2006! The delays have been really annoying and it’s nice it’s finally been released with the director’s original vision. Unfortunately, it’s in very limited release, so it’s likely I won’t be seeing it until DVD.

    Nonetheless, it looks like a sweet, yet funny film. And being the pop culture nerd that I am, it definitely seems right up my alley.

  5. musicalfingers


    There’s a couple of things that tipped me off to it (though I agree that it is probably not about the suppression of women) – look at their eyes, and in one of the commercials she looks at something on a table that looks suspiciously like her face but with the wrong eyes.

    “He’s just not that into you” looks really, really stupid in my opinion (and I’m probably its target audience). Fanboys sounds funny. Steve Martin just CANNOT match Peter Sellars, I’m sorry….

    • Tom

      I think the eyes thing you’re talking about is how all the people in Corline’s fantasy world have buttons for eyes. That kind of zoned-out, druggie disconnect, maybe?

      I know Steve Martin can’t top Sellars, but he slayed me in the last movie during the whole “Hamburger” pronounciation scene. Call it a weak moment.

  6. dave13

    I can’t wait for Coraline. Henry Selick is the man! and Neil Gaiman too!
    Push looks fun too, and Fanboys? ehh, I’ll see it on DVD probably.

  7. The Castro
    The Castro

    Push does look like it could be a fun action movie, I’ve given up on movies really doing something amazingly unique. I just want to see action movies that make me feel like yeah that was worth my time cause it was a lot of fun. Shooter and the new Bond movie did that for me.

    Fanboys looks like it could be a really funny movie or it might just miss the mark. I’m a Star Wars fan no doubt, but their mission to see Phantom Menace does not impress me much.

    Whatever happened to that movie 5-25-77? That sounded promising.

    The rest of the line-up doesn’t really look that interesting to me, but I still need to see Taken.

  8. Chris

    You guys should all be lucky that you are in a place that actually has regularly releasing new movies. I wanted to see Bolt but was denied as it was only showing in Chinese. Didn’t really care about Australia but that’s good cause it to was only in Chinese. I actually was glad to see Yes Men but had to go to Dubai to catch it. I’m not sure when the next reasonably decent English speaking movie will show up here in Shanghai, but chances are it will be weeks not days.

  9. Jullian Esconde
    Jullian Esconde

    UGH!!! Fanboys isnt coming to the theatre i work at, this weekend.. i am so mad about it.. ive been looking forward to it since i saw the trailer.. oh well time to sneak into the other theater.. Push does seem pretty interesting im definately checking it out first chance i get… and yeah i know for a fact about 3 friends that are gonna bug, BUG and annoy me to see “Just not that into you” (at least i can see it for free).. and I just cant really find myself seeing Pink Panther.. i mean.. ok so i didnt really give the first movie a chance… so this second one i dont even want to hear about.. i still ask.. Where is the actual Pink Panther? i see it in the title, but not in the movie.. oh well… Coraline ive seen a lot of Praise for.. so i am definately seeing that.. in 3D… yay!!

    • Tom

      The Pink Panther is a large, pink tinted diamond. It doesn’t reference the cartoon character of the same name (even though he appears in the title sequence).

      I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews for Coraline. I still want to see Push more, but I might have to make time for two movies this weekend!

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