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  1. Joe Decker
    Joe Decker

    Geeze Tom! Sorry you’ve had such a rough week! Hope you all get back to normal soon!

  2. Brian

    Bro, next time take care of yourself and your fams. we’ll all understand if the comic is a day or two late.

  3. Jason

    Get well soon People! Are you from the midwest? I think they love giving antibiotics there even when it wont help. Antivirals are available now but you have to take them on the inset of symptoms. Feel better; being sick sucks.

    And BTW congrats on the new site with RSS; I’m a big fan but need reminders πŸ™‚ Love your work; keep it up.

    • Tom


      Yeah, we’re from the Midwest. Actually, it concerns me how readily antibiotics are prescribed. But sometimes you need some – anything – even if it’s a placebo.

      Glad you like the RSS! Expect some formatting changes there in the future to align the feed more closely with the visuals found on the site!


      I was planning on posting a picture of Henry around his second birthday in a couple of weeks. I did exactly that last year and I think it would be a nice tradition to let readers know how he’s doing and how he’s growing up!

  4. Nathan

    Hope she gets well soon. But onto my bigger thought, has it really been 2 years since Henry was born !?!?!?! :O Where has the time went here was me thinking he was just almost a year old. I apparently pay no attention to anything :O

  5. Mel

    Was the antibiotic a sulfa drug? I’ve had that reaction before – apparently it’s quite common. I don’t know why they still make the stuff.
    Take care and get well soon!

    • Tom

      Actually, yes. It was a sulfa drug. My dermatologist suggested I wait one week or maybe two for the rash to clear up before turning in my the prescription for tetracycline that she gave me.

      I’ve been on tetracycline before and it’s worked for me. I should have asked for it to begin with.

  6. Brig_xen

    First off I hope Cami gets over the bug soon. I also hope you & Henry don’t catch whatever it is. I just had to get some antibiotics today from my Dr. due to a nasty sinus infection I have. I’ve been stuffed up for nearly two weeks now. It’s so hard for me to tell when I’m really sick since I have allergies and they’re widening the main highway we live off of. The construction is kicking up alot of dust and since it’s been dry it blows over into our subdivision all day. We really need the rain.

    I really sympathize about your rash. One of the first times I had a really bad infection I was given a penicillin derivative and found out the hard way I’m allergic to it. I broke out in head-to-toe hives as well as feeling kinda nauseated.

    Can’t believe the dog wanted out at 4am. We always take our gal out just before bed, sometime between 10 & 11pm normally, and she has rarely ever bothered us to go out before my hubby has to get up for work at 6. Some weekends we’ve even gotten her to let us sleep in as late 8:30am! Wow! Dogs must have little bladders at times. hehehe

    Anyways I hope things start to look up for you. You can send some of your cold weather down to FL. We almost got snow even the other week but it’s 80 today and my car’s A/C seems to not be working again. πŸ™ I got a good laugh though at Tom writing a Penthouse Forum letter. Too funny! πŸ™‚

  7. Foamer

    Dude, AAA – it’s worth it. If nothing else, for all the free maps and guidebooks you can get. But the occasional free roadside rescue is a definite plus.

    • Tom

      I immediately thought of AAA when I needed the jump, but too little, too late.

      I think I’m going to go to Sear’s and buy a battery that will last as long as a Ghostbusters proton pack.

  8. David

    I swear by AAA. if they have that where you live (do they exist cross country?). we were driving up from FL to TN on a Sunday and the tire blew out. without AAA we would never have known where on a Sunday one could go for a new tire!

  9. Kyle

    First – I hope Cami gets well soon.
    Second – The world NEEDS more fathers and husbands like you. Men who understand that a comic(or other such hobby/talent), however good, is NOTHING when compared to the health and well being of your family.
    Third – Do you have a tip jar? I’d like to give you a little something when I get paid on the third.

    • Tom

      Thanks for the compliments.

      I don’t have a tip jar, but that’s not a bad idea! I might look into that this afternoon.

      If it’s in scope for you, a pre-order for Theater Hopper – Year Three would be excellent. But if not, continuing to visit the site is fine by me!

  10. Starkiller

    sounds like a pretty tough day indeed.

    BTW: Just a thought, isn’t it a sign of a infection when the white blood count goes *up*? So it’s also bad when it goes down?

    • Tom

      I guess I’m not sure how that works? I mean, that makes sense if it’s high that you might be fighting something off. But if it’s low, maybe you’ve burned a bunch of them off fighting a fever and your body hasn’t replenished them yet?

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