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  1. Cody

    If I wear my 3D glasses, will Tom poke my eye out?

    • Tom

      That’s my hope. Well, I don’t hope that you get your eye poked out. But my hope is that the 3D effect works.

      Actually, something I forgot to do was order a bunch of 3D glasses to bundle with the sale of the book. That was an idea I had in the back of my head while I was putting it together.

      Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Adam G
    Adam G

    I can’t wait to see why Jimmy won’t go into the women’s restroom. I have been reading Theater Hopper for a few years now and Jimmy is one of my favourite characters. I remember after reading the comic that introduced that trying to guess what the reasons might me. Now I will get to see if I am right (I doubt it though, I never manage to correctly guess the way a story line is going).

  3. Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell

    I just picked up a good handful of #D glasses from a Sobe stand meant for the Super Bowl preview of Monsters Vs. Aliens. 3D makes EVERYTHING better.

    Oh and YAY! More Jimmy!

    • Tom

      I grabbed some of those, too. Is it sad that I’m looking forward to the 3D trailer for Monsters Vs. Aliens more than the Super Bowl itself?

      I’m such a sucker for 3D. I’ll probably end up watching Chuck, too!

  4. Nate

    I love it when the supporting characters play parts in the stories. Might need to move Theater Hopper up the list to follow this more closely and to go through the archives again

  5. Kieran

    The lady’s room is no laughing matter Tom, the entrances are booby-trapped (no pun intended!) and I doubt Jimmy has his father’s war time diary to get him through!

    In fact I’d love to see Jimmy directly ripping off Indiana Jones. Although without the nuking the fridge part of course… or the King of the Monkeys bit … actually on second thought Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is dead to me. But I’m sure Jared would have a thing or two to say about Jimmy’s choice of a certain leather-clad sidekick XD

    • Tom

      I really like your Indiana Jones idea, but what Jimmy finds in the bathroom delivers more of an emotional wallop than a physical one!

      Stay tuned!

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