You have to admit that there is something strange brewing in the culture when a movie like Beverly Hills Chihuahua lands the number one spot at the box office two weeks in a row. It’s made over $50 million to date. Does that not concern you?

Perhaps I have underestimated the Disney marketing machine. Perhaps they have permiated the airwaves with messages of chihuahua dominance. Perhaps kids at school are taunting other youngsters who have not yet seen the film. It’s hard to say.

I related this story last week during our recording of The Triple Feature podcast, but while I was standing in line to purchase a ticket for Nick and Norah’s Infinate Playlist, a mother and daughter were in line ahead of me. “What do you want to see?” asked the mother of her child. “I dunno!” she said cheerfully. “Do you want to see that chihuahua movie?” she asked. “Yeah! Yeah! The doggie movie!”

And that was that. Granted, these are children we’re talking about, but the decision-making process was almost absent minded. I am likely being too harsh.

I think it’s permissible for a movie like Beverly Hills Chihuahua to find success for at least ONE weekend. After all, as they say, “Every dog has his day.”


But what’s the draw during the second week? Did this movie suddenly because the playground scuttlebutt? Or, in the face of an action-downer like Body of Lies, did people willingly turn off their brains and say “My 401k is ruining, the Presidential election is bumming me out. Oh! A talking dog movie? SOLD.”

It’s fascinating to see what people are attracted to.

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That’s all for me. Have a great Monday!

↓ Transcript
I cannot believe that Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the number one movie in America two weeks in a row!

I dunno. It kind of makes sense to me.

The economy is going to hell. Republicans and Democrats are at each others throats.

People are stressed out and exhausted!

Why not see a brainless Disney movie? It’s not like it’s going to make things any worse!

You’re only saying that because you’ve already seen it TWICE!

Me ‘n Mr. Puddles have seen it THREE times!