Clear in my understanding that I am not a member of the targeted demo for Sex and the City: The Movie (on DVD September 23), I decided to do something a little unconventional and interivew my wife Cami and ask her questions about the film.

I concede that I show a little bit of bias in my line of questioning, but at least you’re getting a rebuttal from a fan of the series and not a concentrated blast of cynicism on my part. Frankly, I think Cami handles herself quite well as you can read for yourself below…

Tom Brazelton: What is it that you like about Sex and the City?

Cami Brazelton: The clothes, the “love conquers allness” of it all, the NYC backdrop….It’s an escape from my drab Iowa life in these harsh economic times.

TB: Did you feel the movie was a fair continuation of the television show?

CB: In a lot of ways I enjoyed the series finale better—it provided all the closure that I needed on the TV show in a magical, fairy tale sort of way. This was a nice revisit, but not at all necessary for me as a fan.

TB: What was your favorite part about the movie?

CB: When Charlotte poops her pants, of course!

TB: What was your least favorite part about the movie?

CB: Seeing SJP with no makeup in the scene where she’s in Mexico looking in the mirror. Scary!

TB: Do you feel the movie betrayed the show’s original concept by having Carrie marry Mr. Big and and accepting the “dowry” of a fabulous shoe closet?

CB: No…although the series touted the “women behaving as men” theme, the Carrie character always seemed a bit outside of that—she tended to prefer monogamous long=term relationships–Big, Aiden, Aleksandr Petrovsky. As a fan, you always knew that Carrie wanted commitment…she wanted to walk down the aisle one day and you knew that the only man that she would consider marrying was Big.

TB: Did you feel the promotion of Jennifer Hudson’s character was warranted when it came at the expense of established characters like Charlotte’s husband played by Evan Handler?

CB: Given that Jennifer Hudson’s performance was fresh, fun and a great way to balance the heaviness of the Carrie character, I was OK with the little we saw of Charlotte’s husband. The series probably explored the extent of the character: Jewish, lawer, loving husband and father.

TB: Considering the box office sucess of the film, would you watch a movie sequel? How do you feel about the movie’s conclusion celebrating Samantha’s 50th birthday and the women toasting “the next 50?”

CB: How else would it end?

What would the sequel be about? Carrie and Big having a child? Charlotte raising her daughters? Miranda still being a workaholic? I think a sequel would be boring and utterly predictable. I was fine with the ending…it shows that their friendship will endure for 50 more years.

TB: Were you at all disappointed by the lack of special features? (we were sent the bare-bones widescreen edition) Would you have paid more for the special edition DVD?

CB: Yes and yes.

TB: Final thoughts?

CB: I hop this intervue don’t make me sound dum.

And there you have it!

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↓ Transcript
Theater Hopper reviews Sex and the City on DVD as Tom turns over reviewer duties to his wife, Cami.