I’m kind of over my Shia hate. At least for right now I am. I dunno. Eagle Eye doesn’t look like the kind of movie I need to get worked up about. I liked it much better when it was Enemy of the State. No, scratch that. I think it was better when it was called The Game.

Talk to me next summer when Transformers 2 comes out.

I might end up seeing Eagle Eye this weekend, though. But only if Choke doesn’t end up in a theater near me. I’d much rather see that. As far as Eagle Eye is concerned, I’m down for seeing any movie that doesn’t have the where-with-all to pull a trailer featuring a vehicle doing a jack knife through an intersection after LaBeouf’s last run in with the law. Way to brush that little episode out of the corners of our collective memory bank, Dreamworks marketing department!

But hey, Shia’s stubble is starting to look really nice. A little less Trash ‘Stach for this outing, eh, Shia?

Besides, you’ve got to love a movie that uses the line “They’re hacking into the POWER GRID!”

Uh-huh. Sure they are.

Oh, golly. Would you look at that? Here I am talking about how I’m off the Shia Hate Train and all it takes is a couple of scratches to find it bubbling below the surface. What a hypocrite I am.

Oh, well. Gotta pack it in for now. I have a big presentation about Limited-Effects Theory for my Mass Communications course this evening. So I’m kind of distracted thinking about that – hoping I don’t blow the introduction. Wish me luck and be sure to come back to the site tomorrow for a review of Sex and the City, recently released on DVD. I’m switching it up for this one. I’ll be interviewing Cami and asking her what she thought of the film! So something unique for your Thursday!

Stay tuned!

↓ Transcript
Eagle Eye starring your buddy Shia LaBeouf opens this weekend. What’s your grand Machiavellian scheme to discredit and embarrass him THIS time?

C’mon. Tell me about it.

Scorpions in his Rice Krispies?

Dead hooker scandal?

Can the hooker be Ben Affleck?

I plan on ignoring Eagle Eye entirely and refuse to raise LaBeouf’s profile by engaging him in any way, shape, or form.


That’s cold!