I don't know that I'm as resistant to the idea of seeing College as I've portrayed myself in the comic, but I have my reservations. It doesn't look particularly funny, it has an uncreative title and I don't really think I'm the target market, but I would be willing to give it a try. It'll most likely be a rental.

I have an odd relationship with "Let's get laid!" comedies because the almost always center around high school students and their hair-brained ideas for hooking up with opposite sex. I had a really negative reaction to American Pie because it was nothing like my high school experience and, for some reason, I view College through that filter. This is a very superficial reason to be cautious of a movie sight-unseen and I am fully aware that "Let's get laid!' comedies are wish-fulfillment to some degree but... darn it, I guess I'm no fun.

Really the only comedy of this variety that has ever actually impressed me was Superbad. But that movie wasn't so much about the pursuit of, welll... happiness, I suppose It was more about the relationship between Michael Cera and Jonah Hill's characters. So I guess I regard it as more of a buddy comedy?

I know. I'm weird.

At any rate, I got to throw in a Caddyshack reference, so I'm good.

Special note about today's comic - This strip is the first in a series of "Insert Fan Here" comics brought about by the donation drive I've got going on. It's really simple. If you donate a certain amount of money, you get to be in the comic! If you want to learn more, you can click here and read all about it.

The fan in question is Jesse and he also helped point me toward this joke. Said Jesse, I would never go see College yet I think it would be... hilarious if I were made fun of for going to it in the strip. Maybe make me an aging guy (well, I am 26 which is not THAT old) who is having a sort of mid-20s crisis and is a little too gung-ho about reliving his own college experience."

I probably could have made comic-Jesse a little more zany, but it's like a tightrope walk, y'know? I don't want to draw him acting like a complete animal. He'd never show the comic to his kids!

By the way, did you know that I'll send you an 11 x 17" print of the comic you appear in? That's right. I'll do that because I care.

I also want to re-enforce that I am open to suggestions for these walk-on roles. If you're donating and helping me out, I want you to be happy with what you get. Jesse went about it the exact right way. He gave me a nugget of an idea an let me run it across the line. I can only hope he enjoys it!

At any rate, that will do it for me. I'm looking forward to the long weekend. Cami's birthday is on Monday, so we'll be celebrating all weekend long. Don't worry. There will still be a new comic here on Monday.

See you then!

↓ Transcript
Do you want to see College this weekend?

Nah. It doesn't look all that funny to me.

Plus, we've been out of college almost 10 years.

There's nothing more pathetic than some old guy who's trying to re-live his college glory-days!


It looks good on you though!