I would have been content to let the message I posted about my illness on Wednesday run throughout next week, but this guest strip from Josh Anderson was too timely – and too funny – to pass up. I love how he tossed Gordon and Joe into the mix. And, frankly, the hundred-yard-stare he gave Tom was pretty much how I was feeling for the last two days. Only clammier. Also, a chance to infect Shia LaBeouf? Priceless!

I got a couple of e-mail from people who were spooked when I said I was dying on Wednesday. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to put the fear of God into you, or anything like that. Sometimes I forget the impact words have.

So, to clarify – NOT dying. Just felt like death.

I went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out I have acute tonsillitis. That sounds bad, like I have to have my tonsils removed, or something. Not the case. It’s basically an upper respiratory infection that causes white spots on the tonsils – and they’re filled with pus! Yum!

The good news is I’m no longer contagious and he has me on a steroid to reduce the swelling an antibiotic to kill the infection. As of this writing, I’ve already taken two doses and I feel much better. Not 100%, but not wincing from the back pain and migraines my body was delivering as part of the fever that was trying to get rid of the infection. So, yeah. Better.

I still plan on going to Wizard World Chicago this weekend. So if you’re in attendance, look me up at table #4308 on Artist’s Alley.

Oh, and be sure to send thanks to Josh Anderson for his guest comic by visiting his site Game U. I think you’ll like what you find there.

Thanks again for the well wishes and concern. I’ll see you all here on Monday!

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Now what exactly would you say it is that you have again?


It's too bad your hero, Shia Lebouf, is at the convention. You could have met him.