Here’s something dumb I did.

So, you know yesterday I was all over the place thanking Wes Molebash, Brandon J. Carr and Clay & Hampton Yount for their guest strips and I completely forgot to thank two more people — Trevor Mueller and Tom Maciejewski.

Completely out of the graciousness of their own hearts, these two sent me guest strips while my Dad was in the hospital. I didn’t ask for them. They just saw a guy who was struggling a little bit and decided to chip in. And I ignored them.

My face is red.

So I’m making up for it now!

You’re reading Trevor’s strip today. Be on the lookout for Tom’s strip on Saturday. I wish I could give them a little more prominence, but I also wanted to get them into production while they were still timely. So, enjoy!

By the way, Trevor has three — count ’em THREE — different comics you can read over at his web site. Show him a little love.

↓ Transcript
It looks like Harrison Ford is riding "bitch."


But Indiana Jones never rides bitch!

Finish him.

Tom hates Shai Labeouf

For those of you just tuning in, it has been established that Tom Brazelton, creator of Theater Hopper, hates actor Shia Labeouf.

From his pretentious smile, to his idiotic antics that seem to land him roles in what should be good films.
However, there's another side to this story that perhaps even Tom himself is oblivious to...

Actor Shia Labeouf considers himself to be Tom's biggest fan!

I don't understand....

I've tried everything to make Tom notice my acting deeds.

I knew he was a Hitchcock fan, so I starred in a remake.

I thought he liked Transformers, so I landed the gig for that movie.

I couldn't get into Iron Man, so I went for the next best thing, Indiana Jones 4.

I've done everything I can thing of...