If you haven’t seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, today’s comic probably plays a little to the inside. But in the chance you hear about it from friends or maybe read a couple of reviews, the most memorable scene in the movie is the lead character’s Dracula-inspired rock opera… performed by puppets.

On paper, it sounds kind of improbable or at least quirky for quirky’s sake. But I’ll tell you what… It works. I want to see that musical now!

Cami and I had an opportunity to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Saturday and I was more than excited to go. We’re lucky in the sense that we have lots of family around to watch Henry if we want to get away for a couple of hours to see a movie. But in the last several weeks, there hasn’t been anything I’ve felt strongly enough to inconvenience anyone about. Forgetting Sarah Marshall released a hilarious red band trailer a couple of months back and I knew right away this would buck the trend. I walked away happily undissapointed.

I’ve not had my heart broken to the degree that Jason Segel’s protagonist Peter experiences in this movie – and that’s probably a good thing. But I got the impression watching it that there was something profound being said about relationships and loss, motivation and inspiration. What happens during Peter’s trip to Hawaii isn’t all good. But that it gets him out of his rut and creating again when he gets back home spoke directly to me.

I respond very specifically to themes centered around creativity. I think most creative people will agree that it’s pretty much impossible to turn it off for any given length of time, but sometimes the hose gets kinked, so to speak. Sometimes your output is a trickle and sometimes its a torrent. I celebrate people who are able to deliver consistently. It’s a marvel to behold.

Segel’s character is the kind of guy that is creative and witty, funny and well-liked. But he’s so entrenched in his routine, he make molasses-like progress. Both creatively and in life. Being dumped by Kristen Bell’s title character (the star of the excellently named CSI rip-off Crime Scene: The Scene of the Crime) is actually the best thing that could have happened. The reawakening he experience in Hawaii is exactly the kind of transformation you would hope for when traveling. All of this is made more interesting by the fact that the lead character doesn’t recognize ANY of this while it’s happening!

I may be reading into things a little bit for a light romantic comedy. But I think the best comedies have a grain of truth in them. I think Segel should be extremely proud of the screenplay he created.

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We loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall!

My favorite part was the Dracula rock opera with the puppets!

Oh, Tom! Take me! Your command of movie trivia is so erotic!

What are you doing?