Apologies for the lack of a news post on this comic. I stayed up late Tuesday night producing it and had to crash before writing the blog. I planed on completing it when I got back from work Wednesday night, but crashed out because I was really sick with chills and everything. I slept something like 13 hours last night. Crazy.

Things are a little nutty right now because of the new job I started on Monday, so I appreciate your patience while things fall into place.

About the comic, I know that I did a Shia LaBeouf comic a couple of days ago, but the kid keeps screwing up in such unspectacular ways, he makes it too easy not to comment on it. If you click on that link and read the story about his parking mishap, be sure and check out the note someone taped to his car. Perhaps a candidate for PassiveAggressiveNotes.com?

Not much else to add. Like I said, I’m a little scattered this week. But thanks for your patience. I hope to see you here Friday!


↓ Transcript
"Shia LaBeouf has found himself in even more trouble - his car has been impounded for improper parking. The actor's car was impounded after he blocked a residential driveway with his SUV. Authorities were notified after a home owner in the Los Angeles apartment complex left a note on the car before it was towed away, reports New York gossip column PageSix."


I know you were behind this.


Did your forget this is the same guy who put Indiana Jones in the bitch seat?


I could kidnap his mom and hold her for ransom?

WHOA-KAY! I'm gonna need you to dial it down a notch.