In Wednesday’s blog I talked about today’s comic being a continuation on our discussion of the subjectivity of comedy. I’m also aware that I mentioned Tom would be on the receiving end of additional come-uppance for his negative comments toward Witless Protection and fans of Larry the Cable Guy.

Then I hit on this idea of a perpetual cycle of abuse involving atomic wedgies and I had to go that route.

Jared’s opinion of Will Ferrell has been stated once before and the outcome was similarly disasterous. So it’s nice to revisit that motif while maintaining continuity.

Back to our conversation about subjectivity in comedy… It’s not really fair for me to pick on fans of Larry the Cable Guy because I am a die hard Will Ferrell fan and am waiting in breathless anticipation for his new movie Semi-Pro, coming out next Friday.

In my rational mind, I know that this is just another dip in the same well for Ferrell. Again he plays a paunchy, unweildy sports start who fancies himself God’s gift to women. It’s a character we’ve seen him play several times before and the odds of diminishing returns are stacked against a film like Semi-Pro because there’s only so many times you can do the same thing before audiences get bored. Just ask Mike Meyers.

It’s somewhat depressing to me that Ferrell chose to make Semi-Pro so soon after Blades of Glory. Considering the range and emotional maturity he displayed in Stranger Than Fiction, I had kind of hoped he would be more attracted to those kinds of roles and that he would “return to his roots,” so to speak, only when it was financial necessity or if he had to raise his profile a little.

I think fans like me are never going to get tired of his buffoonish persona. But good things come in small doses. I mean, both Old School Dos and a potential sequel to Anchorman are in the works. That’ll keep me happy for the next 10 years. But don’t lower your stock by putting out a half dozen sports comedies in the meantime.

Excuse me. I slid off into a rant.

My point (contrary to the tone of the last few paragraphs) is that I LIKE Will Ferrell. I like him a lot. I like him to the detriment of my own time, money and patience. I like him to the point that I wlll see him in nearly any movie he’s in just for a glimpse of something brilliant or some quotable line that I’ll be regurgitating for the next two weeks. You’re talking to the guy who saw Ferrell’s remake of Bewitched IN. THE. THEATER!

So, in other words, I probably shouldn’t be throwing stones at the Larry the Cable Guy fans.

That’s all I’ve got for now. QUICK REMINDER – Me and The Triple Feature crew will be doing a special post-Oscars broadcast Sunday night at 11:00 PM CST. We’re going to give your our gut reaction to the awards ceremony while it’s still fresh in our heads. What do we think of the winners? Who got screwed? Who’s wearing the prettiest dress? All that jazz. Then, Monday, we’re doing our regular show at our regular time with a more in-depth discussion of the Oscar telecast while we take your calls.

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And The Triple Feature was born.

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Have a great weekend, everybody!

↓ Transcript
… stupid hillbilly!

How can you be so harsh over something as subjective as comedy?

Take for example Semi-Por coming out next week. It’s essentially the same dumb Will Ferrell sports comedy where he plays some wannabe Lothario

I don’t understand the appeal. He’s not that funny.

Nobody talks bad about Will Ferrell while I’m around!


And the cycle of violence continues into perpetuity.