For some people, watching the Super Bowl is all about the football. For others, the commercials. I fall into the later category and last night I was interested in one commercial in particular.

The new trailer for Iron Man.

Go watch it. Right now. Done? Good.

Look, I know I’m probably setting myself up for a serious fall. I’ve got my hopes so high for this movie, they can’t possibly be matched. I know I’m also opening myself up against would-be detractors who are ready and willing to crap on something I hold dear. It doesn’t surprise me. I spend most of the year taking the piss out of all the big movies out there. For example, I didn’t make a lot of fans when I said Spider-Man 3 was a huge let down. So if Iron Man sucks, I have to be prepared for others to rub it in my face.

But for now, I’m in a blissed-out state. I can’t wait for this movie and every little snippet they release makes it look better and better and better to me. So right now I’m just riding a wave of good feelings until May 5. Don’t harsh my mellow, dude.

Speaking of harshed mellows (marshmallows?), what about that Super Bowl game last night. Pretty boring during the second and third quarter, but an excellent finish! I think what was great about this particular match up is that there was a good story in it for everyone regardless of which direction the wind blew. If the Patriots won, we’d all get to see history repeat for the first time since 1972 when the Miami Dolphins played a perfect season. If the Giants won, we’d get to see the underdog triumph.

Well, the underdog won and I couldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Two spectacular last minute plays by both teams. Your heart has to go out to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Can you imagine being 30 seconds away from perfection only to have it torn from your grasp? I wonder if the NFL provides grief counselors to the losing team? Sad stuff.

I know people like to beat up on the Patriots because they have a lot of money and they’ve been winning a lot of Super Bowls in the last few years. It’s like hating the Yankees. I get it. It’s easy to root for the favorite. You’re never in the minority.

While I typically align myself with the underdog out of a similar disdain for “sure things,” it would have been really cool to have witnessed the end cap to a perfect season. That just doesn’t happen that often anymore.

Anyway, enough sports talk. Can you guys believe that the Hannah Montana concert movie made almost $30 million? A new record for a film released over the Super Bowl weekend. I guess they said it pre-sold over $18 million tickets before Friday. That’s crazy.

Personally, I can’t wait for the whole Miley Cyrus gravy train to come to a screeching halt. I guess she’s already making the move away from the Hannah Montana character and striking out as her own performer. But by the time she’s ready to declare herself a “serious” songwriter, you know here teeny-bopper fan base will have grown up and moved on to something else. It’s going to be spectacular.

But enough music talk! Now is the part of the blog where I would tell you to be sure and check out The Triple Feature podcast over at TalkShoe. But here’s the skinny – there won’t be a show tonight. Gordon, Joe and I discussed it last week and decided we needed a little break. Not a whole lot to talk about in movies anyway, so it was a good time for us to cool our jets a little and recharge the batteries. This will give all of you who are new to the show a good chance to go through the archive and download some of our old broadcasts. Lots of good stuff in there. I’m especially proud of our Cloverfield episode from a few weeks ago.

Did you know that you can subscribe to our podcast through iTunes now? Really handy! All the latest shows are sent directly to you! Check it out!

It’s probably a good thing we decided not to broadcast tonight because I’m pretty sure I would monopolize the entire conversation talking about the Iron Man trailer. And no one wants to listen to that for an hour!

In the meantime, for more Iron Man-inspired lunacy, check out this post from my LiveJournal account (friend me, while you’re at it). I took pictures of my Iron Man action figure collection. That’s right. I’m 30 years-old and collect action figures. Wanna make something of it?

Have a good day and I’ll see you here again on Wednesday!

↓ Transcript
Did you watch the super bowl last night?!

Yeah! Who would have thought the Giants could stage a comeback like that?

Pft! I guess it was cool…

… If you’re into football.

What are you so excited about then?

The new Iron Man trailer!

Wooo! Let’s riot in the streets!