It’s been very interesting to read the comments people have been sending me since I revealed Shia LaBeouf to be Ben Affleck’s replacement in regards to Jared’s anti-celebrity ire. A lot of you think I’ve set my targets on the wrong guy. “He’s just a kid! Give him a break! He’s a good actor – why don’t you go after someone with less talent?” they say.

But then there are an enlightened few of you who have responded and said “YES! THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who hated that guy! Now I know I’m not alone!”

I like to think of these people as the early adopters of the anti-Shia movement I’m starting. For those of you who want me to cut the kid a break, believe me – I see where you’re coming from. On the surface, he seems to be an okay guy and not causing any problems. But I’m warning you – there’s something sinister going on! I’ll take my lumps for the time being. That’s the price you pay for staying ahead of the trend.

For those of you on board with me, here’s something to brighten your day. Shai’s mug shot from our good friends at

Shia LaBeouf mug shot

Kind of looks like he had his picture taken at the Sears Portrait Studio, doesn’t it? Gotta love that glazed over stare.

Switching gears, I hope everyone had a chance to listen to The Triple Feature broadcast on Monday. Not only because I think we had a really good show, but also because I’m doing a contest giveaway for Michael Moore’s Sicko. The first half of a clue is embedded in the show. The second half is in my reveiew of Sicko that went up on the site yesterday. So check those out, send the whole clue with your name and address to and be entered in the contest to win! One winner will be chosen at random.

Sicko came out on DVD yesterday. If you have a chance to view it, I strongly encourage you do. It was a great movie. I real eye-opener.

Be sure to come back to the site tomorrow as I have another review planned for you. Originally I was going to cover Ratatouille and The Pixar Short Films Collection – Volume 1 (also out on DVD yesterday), but so far I’ve only watched the Short Films Collection and was side-tracked by an advanced screening of a film I saw with friends yesterday.

It was called The Business of Being Born and it’s another documentary about the health care industry. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, but this movie (coupled with Sicko) delivered a one-two punch that’s left me reeling. I think there is more that can be explored by paring these two reviews together this week, so look for that tomorrow. You can expect Pixar goodness next week.

That’s it for now! Have a great day!

↓ Transcript
Tom! I’m back and I’ve experienced a revelation!

I spoke to Ben Affleck and I now know where to focus my hate!


Shia LaBeouf!

Are you nuts? He’s just a kid!

Hitler was a kid once, too!

Well, with air-tight logic like that, who could argue with you?