This is going to be a weird week for me because I’ll be in Chicago undergoing a three day training seminar about Flash ActionScript. Hey, it never hurts to learn new things!

As such, I’ve recruited the services of a few guest strip artists to fill in the blanks. Many thanks to Vic Taplin and Ding for their excellent guest comic today. Could the Ministry of Cinema actually be something in my future? Let’s hope so!

You might remember Vic and Ding’s previous guest strip back when the first Fantastic Four movie came out. If you like what you see, be sure to check out their site Ninjabread. Vic told me they were having some PHP problems, but they expect for that to be cleared up by the end of the week. So keep checking back.

As for me, it’s Sunday afternoon and I need to wrap this up. My flight leaves in a couple of hours and I haven’t packed yet! I’m probably going to spend the evening holed up in my hotel room watching Planet Terror and writing a review that’ll go up on Tuesday – that is, if I can find some cheap wireless to connect with somewhere.

As for Monday night (tonight) I’m still planning on chipping in with The Triple Feature podcast at 9:00 PM CST. Since I’m in The City of Big Shoulders, I might be getting together with Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex and we’ll broadcast together. Gordon calls The Windy City his home, so it will be cool to hang out with him.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the short post. Gotta kiss my wife and baby goodbye and then I gotta jet!

↓ Transcript
2012AD. Tom Brazelton’s Ministry of Cinema has risen to unparalleled heights of power. Citizens wishing to ‘Theater Hop’ must first sit a written examination then undergo a grueling a practical test to be granted their license.

Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to become fine upstanding members of a theater audience. You have already scored highly in the ‘not being a bawling toddler’ category.

Kicking the chair in front is an instant fail. Attempting to use your cellphone is an instant fail. Making out with another patron is an instant fail. And in this case, just plain gross.

Laughing excessively is an instant fail.

However, we will show leniency if it is at a knob gag. Or any attempt by Ben Affleck to act.