Sometimes you just want to do something childish and random, you know?

Incidentally, Tom’s anti-dragon (or pro-unicorn) stance (depending on your politics) has come up before. Call me selfish, but if I have the opportunity to insert a violent and crude demon-spawned unicorn into my comic, I’m taking it. I’m really starting to like the idea that Hillstryder is, like, a bastard unicorn. He probably leaves the seat up.

All this silliness (I feel) is perfectly justified in reference to a steaming turd burger like Dragon Wars – or D-War, or whatever. The movie is so crappy, they can’t even keep the title straight!

We talked a little big about Dragon Wars on Monday’s Triple Feature broadcast. I guess Gordon was in New York, had a chance to visit Joe and somehow they ended up watching it – in a theater! Joe kept lamenting that he couldn’t believe he was dragged to see it.

Note to the producers: When there is a guy on the internet with a public forum called "JOE LOVES CRAPPY MOVIES" dissing your production, you’ve got a problem.

At any rate, if you have some time to kill, download the latest Triple Feature. It was perfectly aimless. Kind of like this blog post!

Thanks again to Ryan Estrada for giving me the day off Monday. If you made the rounds at all in webcomic circles, you know that Ryan left his thumbprint on A LOT of different comics on Monday. Personally, I was happy to be among such good company. Hats off to Ryan for thinking of an excellent kick-off for his new Cartoon Commune service. His dedication to webcomics continues to inspire.

Not much more to say except I’ve been spending a lot of time on StumbleUpon lately. I think I love it. Have you guys tried it? It’s not as invasive as you guys think and it’s a great way to find new web sites. It’s like channel surfing the internet.

If you want to help your fellow internet traveler and help Theater Hopper to boot, download the toolbar plugin and rank Theater Hopper among your favorites. Rank the individual comics, too. The more Theater Hopper links are passed around and ranked, the more popular the site will become. And that will benefit everyone. Trust me. If you already have an account, friend me, would ya?

Only a handful of people had any comments about the "Explosion" t-shirt from Monday, which kind of bummed me out. I thought it was a fun design. I don’t know if I’m going to invest anything in producing it for the site if there isn’t demand. I might submit it to Threadless instead.

Still working on a site redesign and receiving free consultation from a local design firm called Red 5 Interactive here in town. Bonus points for the Star Wars reference. My goal is to have a brand new site for you by 2008 with all the bells and whistles. I was inspired by Scott Kurtz’s transformation of PvP earlier in the year and the outside help he procrued to do it. Granted, I don’t have the bankroll Kurtz does. But I figure after 5 years in the game, it’s put up or shut up time.

I’m blathering.

Okay, I’m done! Have a great Wednesday!

↓ Transcript
C’mon, man! Why won’t you see Dragon Wars with me?

I’ve made my anti-dragon stance perfectly clear!

Hillstryder! Take flight!