I have to let everyone know right off the bat that the following content is not mine, but stolen from this post over at BestWeekEver.tv and I think it’s brilliant. It’s an excellent bit of satire poking fun at the ridiculousness of the AFI Top 100 list and the utter stupidity of their recently revised list.

Read and enjoy!

Citizen Kane Has Not Magically Become Terrible In The Last Nine Years

This week, The American Film Institute announced its updated list of the 100 Greatest Films of All Time, and while “Citizen Kane held down the top spot, I was surprised to see how many 40 and 50 year old movies are a lot greater now than they were in 1998. Here are some of the notable leaps from the 1998 List to the 2007 List and my explanations for how they happened:

“Raging Bull – 1998: #24, 2007: #4
2007 Oscar wins for “The Departed made critics go back and take a look at spunky, talented kid named “Marty Scorcese.

“The Searchers – 1998: #96, 2007: #12
Overwhelming gayness of “Brokeback Mountain has critics longing for the days of the John Wayne western, when gay sex was merely implied.

“The Godfather – 1998: #3, 2007: #2
(passing up “Casablanca)Critics were so happy the ending didn’t just go to silent black, they were able to disregard existence of both World War II and love.

“The Jazz Singer – 1998: #90, 2007: Not in Top 100
America is still just as racist as it was in 1998, we’re just not voting racistly anymore.

“The General – 1998: Not in Top 100, 2007: #18
Massive success of recent crappy sequels have made people realize they’d much rather pay to see Buster Keaton run around on top of a train and fall a lot.

“On The Waterfront – 1998: #8, 2007: #19
Critics agree that it’s becoming exponentially harder each year to not imagine that every time Marlon Brando speaks, he’s asking for butter.

“Vertigo – 1998: #61, 2007: #9
Grammy voters’ neverending U2 orgy somehow spills over to AFI list; Bob Dylan’s most recent album also named #85 greatest film ever made.

“Schindler’s List – 1998: #9, 2007: #8
Historians have discovered that the Holocaust was, in fact, about 1% more horrible than originally believed.