Does anyone out there know anything about RSS feeds? I’d like to change up how the one for Theater Hopper functions.

If you check out how our feed is being displayed over at LiveJournal, you’ll see that there is an entry for every blog post along with a link back to the site. There is also a second entry for each comic, but with no image. Just the same link back to the site.

What I would like to do is somehow marry the two. I would like the first blog post to have the comic in it. So the order of the information would be the comic at the top followed by the first blog post all contained in one entry. Subsequent blog posts would be given their own entry without the comic image. Maybe if we added a link back to the site at the bottom of the post or somehow made a hotlink of the comic image back to the site, that would be a nice thing to include.

If you have any experience with this, please contact me at