If you’re looking at the site today and wondering where the full-color comic is, then it’s likely you missed the announcement I made late Monday night.

In order to spend more time with my infant son and wife, I have reduced my output of full-color Theater Hopper comics to once a week effective immediately. I will continue to maintain the Monday, Wednesday, Friday update schedule – supplementing the site with sketches, movie and DVD reviews. With any luck, it is my goal to evolve Theater Hopper beyond strictly comics and into a movie resource for movie fans. Comics have become a great drain on my time. However sketches and reviews are something I can do anywhere. So, here we are.

Again, if you missed Monday’s blog post, I encourage you to read it. This was not a decision I came to lightly and that post speaks more to the emotions and reasoning behind it. To those who have already read it and left your words of support, I can’t thank you enough. It’s that kind of encouragement that will make this transition easier. Nicholas Cage - NEXTWith that said, part of my objective with this new model is to bring film discussion more to the fore. With that in mind, I wanted to talk for a few moments about Nicholas Cage’s Next.

On paper, it sounds like an interesting premise. A Las Vegas magician can see a few minutes into the future so the government is trying to recruit him to stop a terrorist cell from bombing Los Angeles. Previous attempts to harness his power by the government has left him a little gun-shy, so he goes on the run using his talent to stay one step ahead of them.

Phillip K. Dick was the author of the original short story called “The Golden Man”. You might be familiar with his time-bending works that have been adapted into films like Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly. I have a few friends who love his written works, but are miffed that the guy can’t seem to catch a break with a cinematic retelling. Most of them are tweaked that Nicholas Cage was tapped for the role. Looking at that goofy DaVinci Code mullet he’s sporting in this film, I don’t blame them. Nic – give it up. We know you’re bald. Just shave your head like Bruce Willis and get on with it.

What I don’t get is why they thought a title like “Next” was any good. If you ask me, you’re pretty much INVITING lousy reviews even if the movie is good! Snarky movie reviewers can’t resist the chance to insert a delicious pun into their headlines. For the latest example of this phenomenon, please consult Are We Done Yet? I’m sure Ice Cube has some opinions about it. Those are pretty much all of the thoughts I had on the matter, but keep checking back to the site during the day – and even on the “non-update” days. I’m going to try and sprinkle the blogs with more movie news and encourage you guys to respond in the comments!

Due to the fact that I was unable to participate in Monday night’s Triple Feature talkcast, I did not provide the first half of the clue to our latest DVD giveaway promotion.

On Tuesday, April 24, Helen Mirren’s Academy Award winning performance in The Queen comes to DVD. I have a handful of copies that I can give away to you guys. Again, since I wasn’t able to do the “one half of the clue” thing in the Triple Feature talkcast, I’m just going to give you the whole clue here on the site. All you have to do is access this page to get it. Be sure to include the clue along with your name, age and mailing address and e-mail it to theaterhopper@hotmail.com. Winners will be chosen at random.

Apologies to Gordon and Joe for not being a part of the show last night, but they did a great job without me. You should really download the episode and take a listen when you have some free time. They both went to see Hot Fuzz over the weekend and had some very interesting thoughts about it that I think you would enjoy!

That about does it for me and this post. Again, remember to check back to the site a little more frequently. I’m going to try and pad things out with more movie news and such for you guys to comment on!

Thanks for your patience during this transition!

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