Hey, guys. I have another quick favor to ask. I know I ask for a lot of stuff from you guys, but this one is more personal.

Cami has been at home with Henry for the last 8 weeks and she’s having a really hard time imagining going back to work. I mean, she *has* to go back to work. There’s no getting around it. But she’s dreaming of a day where she can work from home and take care of Henry full time.

She’s taking a run at starting her own eBay business. We’ve been reading up on it and we’re taking the initial steps into making this work. Right now, she has a handful of items up for auction. Nothing fancy. Just stuff we’re getting rid of. But if you could take the time to look over her auctions and maybe considering bidding on something, it would go a long way to boosting her confidence. Cami’s never done the eBay thing before. If nothing else, I want to do what I can to ensure she has a nice experience.

A list of her auctions can be found here.

Even if there’s nothing listed you want, please consider forwarding the link on to others who might find something they like. Cami will be posting new auctions throughout the week, so keep an eye on things.

Thanks again for your help! We appreciate it!