In honor of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse opening in theaters this Friday, I’m doing a series of strips detailing the advantages and disadvantages of having a girlfriend with a high-powered machine gun for a leg. I hope you find it enlightening.

Not much to say about Grindhouse right now except that I’ve heard Rodriguez’s first half – the zombie romp called “Planet Terror” – is a hyper-violent, ultra-gory disorganized mess. Apparently production was thrown into upheaval when the crew reported back to Rodriguez’s wife of 14 years that he was having an affair with Rose McGowan. On-set flings happen all the time and it’s probably not the business of the crew to tattle on the director. That is, except when the director’s wife is PRODUCING THE FILM!  That’s 15 kinds of stupid. Talk about don’t poop where you eat!

At any rate, I didn’t have high hopes for “Planet Terror” anyway. I’m not a big zombie fan. Never was. I don’t think people have to belong to a group of the walking damned to show great inhumanity to another man. Sure, they weren’t eating brains on the sands of Iwa Jima, but comb through history sometime and you’ll find a few close seconds.

Pretty much at this point Rodriguez’s contribution to Grindhouse is the striking visual of Rose McGowan’s leg having been replaced with a machine gun. I don’t care how much the movie sucks – it’s wormed it’s way into geekdom’s heart with that brilliant juxtaposition. Say all you want about these guys regurgitating content from the obscure recesses of pop culture’s dark corners… You’ve never seen a girl with a machine gun leg before.

Tonight is another Triple Feature talk cast and I hope all of you who came to check us out last week as part of our Copying Beethoven DVD giveaway will come back to check us out tonight. This week we’ll be talking about Blades of Glory, The Lookout and a funny little tale of woe from Joe Love’s Crappy Movies’s Joe Dunn about seeing movies for free. Oh, and Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex will be there, too.

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That’s about it for me tonight. Sorry, but I’m kind of dragging today. I spent pretty much all day Sunday cleaning out my basement and juggling Henry.

I’ll catch up with you soon!

↓ Transcript
Check out Rose McGowan in this poster for Grindhouse.

I would TOTALLY hit that.

Yeah, but then what? THE CHICK HAS A GUN FOR A LEG!

You'd lose every petty lover's squabble.

I don't care how much you pout!

Your mother cannot stay with us for a month and THAT"S FINAL!


So I'll just sleep on the couch if that's okay with you, Sugar Bear?