I know Grindhouse doesn’t come out for another week, but I pretty much backed myself into a corner by doing my Blade of Glory comic on Monday. There really wasn’t much after that I wanted to make fun of.

I actually have a whole week of Grindhouse strips ready to go for next week. So, at first, I thought this one might be overkill. But as Cami and I were gathered around the dinner table tonight, Henry resting atop the table in his bouncy chair, we discussed Grindhouse and Rose McGowan’s almost instantly iconic look as a stripper with a machine gun for a leg. Our conversation turned to how we could make fun of it.

This comic was originally more complicated. First having Tom and Cami wax poetic about the prosthesis. But the more we discussed it, the more we thought it sounded like "industry conversation." So I decided to turn it over to the hapless (and so far nameless) production lackeys of the Hollywood Hills. I’m really starting to like these characters. They pull through in a pinch.

Not much else to say for now, I’m afraid. I had a meeting that lasted through my lunch hour on Thursday, so I wasn’t able to get away and draw today’s comic while I ate. Instead, I had to put it together when I got home and only after we put Henry down for the night. For once, I’m kind of glad he didn’t sleep very well last night because he’s sleeping like wood tonight!

In any case, I’m tired and will need to close soon.

Quick word about the Copying Beethoven DVD giveaway contest. A lot of you have sent in your entries but a few of you aren’t following instructions all the way. Along with the completed code, I need your full name, age and mailing address. Some people are just sending in their name and address. Some people are just sending in the clue. I know a few of you are put of that I’m asking for your age. But I have to ask because Copying Beethoven is rated PG-13 and I can’t award a 12 year-old with the movie. That may sound unlikely, but it’s also important that I establish the prescident for when I might be giving away a movie that’s rated R.

So here’s the deal. Under normal circumstances, I would be forced to throw these incomplete entries out. But since is the first contest we’re doing, I’ll give those of you who only sent in a portion of your information a second chance. If you want to send a revised entry to theaterhopper@hotmail.com, I will accept them. Response has been strong to this initial offering, so you’ll want to make sure your name is in the running! Thanks again.

One last question – since t-shirt sales are starting to pick up again and a few of you seemed to respond positively to seeing me modeling the designs, I was thinking it might be cool if I posted pictures of YOU guys wearing the shirts on the store pages! Interested? Send in pictures of yourself wearing any of our shirt designs currently in stock to theaterhopper@hotmail.com. Or, if you want to send in a picture of yourself reading one of our books, we’ll take those, too!

One thing I need help with: Does anyone know how to write a custom script that will allow me to post thumbnails of these pictures under the main image on the product listing page? Then, when you rollover them, a larger version of the thumbnail appears where the closeup image of the shirt design displays at the default? Once again, fire a message to theaterhopper@hotmail.com if you have any experience with that kind of development!

That will do it for me today. Cami and I are seeing Blades of Glory tonight. Her Mom insisted that we go so she could babysit. It’s been a blessing to have our family so close by as we’re bringing up Henry. It’s been a real treat for him to get to know both sets of grandparents better.

Oh, well! Have a great weekend, everyone!

↓ Transcript
So we've been hired to do pre-production on Robert Rodriguez's portion of Grindhouse.

The female lead loses a leg, but it's replace with an awesome implement of death to fight off the zombie horde!

We get to decide what it will be. What are your ideas?

OH! What about a baseball bat!

Uhhhh, alright. But she might be able to take a better swing if it was her arm being replaced and not her leg?

Maybe a wooden ruler? Sister Mary Fred used to rap my knuckles pretty hard in Catholic high school.

Yeah, but there might be an equilibrium problem if we go that route...



A sp...

'Gouge your eyes CLEAN out!