I was reading this article over at Reality Blurred that reports that Survivor creator and executive producer Mark Burnett will produce a live broadcast of this year’s 16th annual MTV Movie Awards this June.

I’m not exactly sure why I find this significant other than when I was 13 and MTV was still relevant to me, I used to think the MTV Movie Awards was some of the most subversive stuff going on. At the time, there wasn’t the proliferation of superfluous awards shows like there are today (perhaps MTV is to blame for this) but what they were doing at the time with this broadcast was a wonderful way to undercut the seriousness of ceremonies like the Oscars, which were anything but fun to watch.

I loved how MTV spiced things up by doing sketches about the Best Film nominees during the program. The Brady Bunch re-enacting the famous interrogation scene from Basic Instinct and Will Ferrell giving Justin Timberlake and Sean William Scott a run for their money as The Architect from The Matrix Reloaded (“Ergo! Vis a Vis! Concordently!“)were stand-out classics.

But somewhere along the line, the MTV Movie Awards lost their way. They started pre-taping the awards ceremony and by the next day, all the “winners” were online – totally removing any need for me to see it. I never really cared who won the awards. I just liked the spontaneous vibe of it all. The celebrities didn’t care because it was MTV, so they could kind of do what they wanted. Sort of like The Golden Globes, who have since adopted an “anything goes” mantra by allowing alcohol at the tables in the hall to get celebrities good and liquored up before they take the podium.

At any rate, I was pleased to hear Burnett was returning to the live format. I may actually have to watch it this year. But I will have to be discreet. I don’t want to tip off the Cool Police who will no doubt kick my door down and drag me out onto the sidewalk for a beat down using their Blackberry’s. I’m too old to be watching MTV officially.

What’s your favorite MTV Movie Awards moment (if you have one?)