I just wanted to draw your attention to my good buddy Mitch Clem’s latest installment of his comic San Antonio Rock City. In today’s strip, I am murdered.


Mitch is explaining his hatred for white people who relentlessly recite the lyrics of quasi-ironic rap songs from the early 90’s ad nauseum. In this instance, "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground. Everything he describes in his comic and blog is 100% true. When we were in Dallas in November for Wizard World, I would recite the lyrics over and over and over. It was just in my head. I had to express myself. I guess I didn’t know that I was annoying Mitch to that degree, but I don’t feel bad. That song is dope, yo.

Plus, he says his girlfriend does the exact same thing. So clearly it’s a problem with Mitch and not the rest of the world. ;-D

At any rate, check out San Antonio Rock City. It’s funky-fresh!