In the salad days, I was somewhat notorious for putting my characters in costumes on a fairly regular basis. I don’t do it as often as I used to (which I kind of miss). But with today being All Hallow’s Eve, I figured it would only be appropriate for one of my crew to don a mask for the sake of entertainment. Besides, it really seems to be the tradition within the community.

You have no idea how long I’ve been sitting on the concept for this comic. Pretty much since they announced that Jon Favreau’s film adaptation of Iron Man was going in front of camera’s this year. I’ll be up front and admit that it was basically one big excuse for me to draw The Golden Avenger. It was just a matter of framing it within context. A Halloween comic was going to be my earliest opportunity. I’m a HUGE Iron Man fan. So as his movie draws closer and closer, you can expect to see Tom in his homemade Iron Man armor more and more.

I didn’t really make much noise when the announced that Robert Downey, Jr. was going to be the man in the suit a few months ago. Again, context. But I think it’s a smart choice. Especially considering Tom Cruise was interested in the project for years. Personally, I’m just glad Favreau is going with someone who can actually act instead of some pretty-boy flash in the pan. They could have just as easily gone with someone like Josh Hartnett.

Everyone cites Downey’s personal experience with drugs, alcohol and addiction for being an excellent primer for him to play the Tony Stark as he was once famously depectied as a crumbling alcoholic. I think that’s an unfair measure of his ability to play the character. True, he may be a little bit old to carry the playboy industrialist that Stark is supposed to be. But, at the same time, I think his age will be an asset to ground the character who has always being torn between what he thinks is right and what is popular.

The smartest move Favreau has made so far is making himself accessible through the Iron Man fan page on MySpace. He was smart enough to listen to the fans who suggested artist Adi Granov to do design work on the film. He was the last artist to have redesigned the Iron Man armor. He had a six-issue run on a title relaunch with Warren Ellis called "Extremis" that you can now get in hardcover. If you’re interested in the character, his perspective as a futurist and a timely update to his origin, I strongly suggest you check it out. The writing is very sharp, but it’s Granov’s techno-organic digital pencils that bring it all together. It’s amazing work.

At any rate, I’ll quit geeking out on you and leave you to enjoy the holiday of tricks and treats.

I was telling Cami last night that I wished I had my own version of the Iron Man armor. I’ve actually discussed making a costume in real-life. I figure it can’t be any more time consuming than it is for those guys who make their own Stormtrooper armor with homemade vacuum tables and body casts.

I should look into it…