Apologies to my regular readers, but I have a take a little time-out to welcome all of the new readers that are coming to the site for the first time.

If you’re visiting Theater Hopper after reading the "What I’m Into" article in Juice this week, welcome to my site! I’m very honored that Juice would choose to profile my hobby and I hope you find something here that you like. We have a very large collection of over 600 comics, so I strongly encourage you to start from the begining. You can tell that the artwork wasn’t quite as refined in those early days, but it get’s better. I assure you!

Or you could always check out our archive. It has a hand search function that allows you to type in keywords and comics that match will be displayed for you! I always suggest typing in the name of your favorite movie or actor. After 4 years of doing this comic, I’ve made fun of nearly all of them!

There are actually a few comics in the archive that make some specific Central Iowa references. You can click on these links as a shortcut to them. You might find something you recognize!

If you like what you see but don’t want the boss to know that you’re goofing around, I produced my first book back in August – "Theater Hopper: Year One" – that collects the first 156 comics into one handy volume. Each of the comics comes with brand new commentary and I tried to thread a narrative through it that explained how I got started with the site, the mistakes that I made and all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s been very popular and you can grab a copy for yourself for $18.95.

We’re also running a special right now where if you order the bundle package, you can get a copy of "Year One" and pre-order a copy of "Year Two" (to be released around the 1st of Novemeber, 2006) for only $6.00 more! It’s a real bargin!

So if you buy a copy of the book, you can read Theater Hopper anywhere! On the bus, at the dentist’s office… heck, even during a really boring movie (if you bring a book light!) So, c’mon! Support local artists!

Something wonderful that sprang from Juice’s profile of me is that Theater Hopper will now also be seen in publication. So Wednesday’s comic will be in print the same time it appears on the site. I will also be blogging on the Juice web site, sharing with their readers Monday’s and Friday’s comic as well. Those posts will go up a day after the comic has already appeared in this space. So Monday’s comic will appear Tuesday, Wednesday’s comic will appear Thursday and Friday’s comic will appear Saturday. So if you want the early scoop, be sure to come here first!

At any rate, I just want to thank Juice once again for covering Theater Hopper and putting the spotlight on young people in Des Moines who are doing something different. I really appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me by taking time out of your day to check out my work and I hope you find something here that will give you a good chuckle and make your day a little less difficult. If so, I encourage you to bookmark us and come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to see what we’re up to. You won’t be dissapointed!