I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the last day you can submit an order for your copy of "Theater Hopper: Year Two" and still have your chance at winning one of two hand-made Truman dolls – stitched together with loving care by Cami herself!

So far there have only been a handful of orders since last Wednesday, so your chances of winning are still good!

Don’t forget that "Theater Hopper: Year Two" is available for the special pre-order price of $15.00 and that your purchase will be added to the Theater Hopper Sales Drive – our month long goal to raise enough money to send these books to the printer by September 29! We’re almost to the half-way point and every order counts!

"Theater Hopper: Year Two" collects all of the comics between August 6, 2003 and August 2, 2004. Each comic comes with brand new commentary that threads a narrative through the strips. What jokes worked, what didn’t, how I improved my art and all the behind-the-scenes details you crave! People who bought copies of the first book have been telling me how it was their favorite part of the book. They couldn’t put it down!

As an added incentive, "Theater Hopper: Year Two" also includes 7 guest strips from the era as well as 84 bonus sketches collected from back in the day when I was competing for placement on those "Top 10 web comic" voting sites! Great stuff contained there!

If you’ve yet to obtain your copy of "Theater Hopper: Year One," remember that we are also offering a special bundled package that puts the first two books together for $25.00! You save almost $10.00 over buying them seperately. That’s almost 500 pages of content! I’ve been please to see a lot of people taking advantage of this opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by!

If you already have your book needs covered, don’t forget that we have several advertising options available right now for very reasonable prices. All profits go toward the production of "Theater Hopper: Year Two." So if you have a web site and you’re looking for an affordable advertising option, consider advertising with Theater Hopper. You’ll help yourself and aid to our Sales Drive goal at the same time!

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support!