Today’s comic is an intentional cliffhanger that will lead into a larger story arc. As you know Hollywoodland will be in theaters this weekend and Ben Affleck has a supporting role as George Reeves – the popular actor who portrayed Superman on television in the 1950’s and died under mysterious circumstances. As such (considering our sorrid history with Mr. Affleck), I am compelled to do another story arc featuring his likeness and the epic battle of wits between himself and his primary antagonizer, Jared. So, buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride!

Putting that aside for the moment, today is a very big day for me and the site. I am proud to announce that the pre-sale for "Theater Hopper: Year Two" is now open!!!

I just put the finishing touches on the cover last night and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It’s simple, clever and eye-catching. Don’t you agree?

Pre-order "Theater Hopper: Year Two" today!

"Year Two" features 153 comics from August 6, 2003 to  August 2, 2004. If you ask me, the writing and art is light years ahead of anything in "Year One" and I’m really proud of the commentaries I’ve put together for it so far.

There will also be 84 bonus sketches I put together during my days where I tried to get you guys to vote for me at those top web comic site listings. Remember those days? This will be the first time that these sketches will be collected in one place. I’m really excited about sharing them with you!

There will also be 7 guest strips from the era as well as an introduction from my lovely wife, Cami.

By the way, did I mention that you can get all of this for only $15 (plus shipping and handling)? We sold "Year One" for $18.95 when we made that available but we’ve dropped the price on "Year Two" because we want you to order today! If you already have a copy of "Year One," you already know all of the great content that’s in it. Now imagine getting that kind of quality, MORE of it and for LESS money!

And speaking of Cami, she’s been working EXTRA hard to bring you guys a special pre-order incentive that can’t be beat!

During our Labor Day sale for "Year One" last week, we were giving away an adorable hand-made Truman doll that Cami stitched together herself. We got a strong reaction from those of you who had already purchased "Year One" who were really bummed that you didn’t have a chance to win this doll.

Well, we heard you and now we have SIX NEW DOLLS to give away!

If you want a chance to win one of these dolls, all you have to do is submit a pre-order for "Theater Hopper: Year Two" before September 29.

Three dolls will be given out for orders placed between September 6 and September 12.

Two dolls will be given out for orders placed between September 13 and September 20.

The last remaining doll will be given out for orders placed between September 20 and September 27.

So, as you can see, your odds of winning a doll are greater if you place your order early on!

And, yes, we’re aware that there are only 5 dolls in the picture. Cami was just putting the finishing touches on the last one shortly after we took this picture!

I’m also pleased to announce that if you have not yet purchased a copy of "Theater Hopper: Year One," we are also offering a specially discounted bundle for those of you who order both "Year One" and "Year Two" together. You can get both books for $25.00 and your name will STILL be tossed into the running for one of the hand-made dolls. How can you possibly say no?

Ladies and gentlemen, I really need your help with this pre-sale to get the book off the ground. We are currently sponsoring a sales drive through September 29. to earn enough money to cover printing costs for "Year Two." That includes pre-sales, all existing merchandise sales and advertising sales. September 29 is the date that the printer needs the artwork delivered to them so that they can return the finished book to me by the first week of November. It’s my plan to take these books to Wizard World Texas and I need your help to do it!

So please, DON’T HESITATE! Place your order today! If we’re lucky and we get the money we need BEFORE the 29th, that means you’ll get your book that much faster. Everyone wins!

For those of you worried about an extended pre-order period like what we had for "Year One," I can tell you that profits from the first book are being turned around and being poured directly into the second book. So we have a head start, but still a long ways to go. As things stand, if if get the books back the first week in November, we’ll drop it in the mail BEFORE we leave for Wizard World Texas. Since we’re not doing sketches as the incentive this time, we’ll pre-label all the envelopes and drop the books in ’em the SECOND they come in. You’ll see your book in two months and that’s a PROMISE.

But only if you order today!

I’ll be working hard to spread this message far and wide, but if you know anyone who you think might be interested, be sure to let them know about what we’re doing. With your help, we can get these books to press in record time!

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to do this. Publishing "Theater Hopper: Year One" earlier this summer was a great accomplishment in my life. It’s really put a fire under me to make the site more successful and to turn these books out as fast as possible so you can own a piece of Theater Hopper and share it with your friends and family.

Your continued support makes all of this possible and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!