A couple of links to help you whittle away the day.

My good buddy Mitch has been updating his comic San Antonio Rock City like a man possessed. But his latest round of comics has been renamed Chicago Rock City in honor of our time spent together at Wizard World Chicago.

Your’s truly made a cameo in Mitch’s comic yesterday in a tale of commerce that is 93% factual and 100% hilarious! Check it out!

My also-good buddy Joe Dunn of the wonderful Joe Loves Crappy Movies has recently been posting a bunch of jam comics that myself, Joe, Mitch, Zach Miller of Joe and Monkey, Gordon McAlpin of  Multiplex, Irvsher Fabor of Fish Tank Tango and Kevin Gleason of Retail Rage contributed to. We did five altogether and some of them are a little… well, gay. I don’t mean "gay" in a negative way. I mean "gay" like homoerotic. I also mean "gay" as in happy. Because we had a great time putting these together.

Joe linked to all five comics in his latest blog. It’s about half way down the page and you can find them here.

Check out all of these links! You won’t regret it!