So, I got home from work today and checked my e-mails and there were about a dozen pleasantly-worded missives informing me the reason that Michael Mann is directing the big-screen adaptation on Miami Vice is because he was the co-creator and executive producer of the original series. A fact that was crawling around in the back of my head, but willfully ignored in order to get the comic that I wanted.

That said, get out your rubber stamps and slap a big ‘ol "PWNED!" on my forehead because I totally dropped the ball on this one.

Still doesn’t make it right, though. I’ll stick to my guns on that one. Mann has much better stories he could be telling as opposed to giving Hollywood another opportunity to dip into the well of inter-racial crime fighting partners running down a drug deal. *SNORE!*

At any rate, I thought it would be more effective to mention it here in the blog rather than take the time to answer all the e-mails I received. Although perhaps I *should* have answered them all as some kind of penance. 40 lashes with a wet noodle, and all of that.

Who knows. Judging by the response to my shoddy research, there might be an audience for Miami Vice this weekend after all!