And the guest strips just keep on coming!

What can I say, I figured if I’m out of commisssion, then it’s just good manners to give you as many great guest strips as I can.

Give thanks to Josh Anderson for his contribution. I loved the Indiana Jones reference in the second panel as – in real life – I tend to invoke that quote whenever there is an obstacle that impedes me from doing whatever it is I wanted to do.

Mowing the lawn, for example. "Dandelions. Why’d it have to be dandelions."

I don’t know.

Be sure to check out Josh’s web site L.A.P. Dance Productions. In addition to comics, they have some great digital shorts, reviews and all-out rants. Lots of quality content to be found there.

I have one more guest strip for you tomorrow and then it’s back to work on Monday. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Cami and I were threatening to see The Break-Up on Friday night, but the negative reviews kept us away. We’ll see what the word of mouth is. I dunno, is it just me or is Jennifer Aniston incapible of playing anything above Rachel 2.0? She needs to do something like The Good Girl again and quick. If we see this movie at all, it’ll be for Vince Vaughn.

Chances are we’ll catch a matinee of X-Men 3 on Sunday. We actually saw it in France on May 26 – one whole day before you! Booyah! Downside was that (even though were had our fingers crossed for English with French subtitles) it was completely in French. We did a pretty good job following along, though. Big, dumb action movies like that… you’re only job is watching things explode. But like I said, we’ll catch the matinee in English to pick up on the more subtle points.

See you tomorrow!

↓ Transcript
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie having a baby the same day that massive earthquake kills thousands? This can't be a coincidence. I have to investigate!

Journalists. Why'd it have to be journalists?

Oh no. I'm too late! Brad and Angelina's baby is...

The new remote-controlled street beats from Tyco RC!