Big thanks to Andrew and Matthew Corway (that’s Rusty and Jonas to you! {or is it Jonas and Rusty?}) for today’s guest strip. I really liked thier idea of Tom teaching an acting class. Of course, the cut right to the core of the matter when they depicted Tom as using violence as a teaching tool. Anyone well-versed in the history of Theater Hopper knows that outlandish cartoon violence is ALWAYS the answer.

Andrew / Matthew / Jonas / Rusty have thier own web comic with a name that’s fun to say – Robobo! Say it five time’s fast! Are you smiling yet? Of course you are! IT’S FUN TO SAY! Be sure to show them some love and check out their comic. It’s really good and it has robots in it. Always a good sign.

Not much else to say on a Wednesday except that Cami and I are still out of the country and you have a week’s worth of guest strips coming at ‘cha. Are you enjoying them? I hope so. Because I have another one on deck for you tomorrow.

See you then!

↓ Transcript
Why have you forsaken me dear Delilah!? Oh how I love for the promise land!

No. No! NO!

Stop, sit down Jeremy: you're a disgrace to this classroom.


These are SHORT films, people; you've got to convey the personal details of your character very quickly.

Alright, I'll teach you an acting technique I've been using for several years now.

Hank, if you wouldn't mind stepping up here and reciting some lines? Thanks.

Is it the lure of Beelzebub I feel upon the nape of my neck, or is it merely a warm nights wind blowing in from the dewy meadow outside my windo--


Good guy.

Bad guy.

Any questions?