Give it up for the coincientally-named M.C. Man from The Adventures of Masked Cape Man for today’s guest strip. I know he was really nervous about doing a guest strip, but I think it turned out great! Be sure to check out his site and let him see some Theater Hopper love!

No, not that kind of love. The love that’s illegal in 15 states. The web-friendly love! No… The OTHER kind of web-friendly love…

Don’t forget that we have guest strips running EVERY DAY this week. See you here tomorrow!

↓ Transcript
You know, I think that there should be a documentary about a boy band. It'd be new.

No it wouldn't. I can name three off the top of my head.

Oh really? So what are they?

The heroic "Fantastic Five." They're back with no strings attached. The action packed "Bad'-street "Boys," it even had a sequal. And finally, that contoversial documentary, Fahrenheit 98 degrees.