I couldn’t really figure out what somone with cynicism oozing from their pores might look like, but in this comic, I look positively diseased! I think this has to be the most unattractive rendering of myself in three and a half years of comics. What can I say? I’m under a lot of stress right now and I’ve decided to deal with it through the comic.

I’ve already been highly vocal about my suspicions surrounding the life-events of one Tom Cruise and the movies he’s promoting. How can you look at the birth of his child with Katie Holmes "premiering" three weeks ahead of Mission Impossibe: III a happy accident? It certainly gives him something to talk about when he makes the talk show promotional rounds!

Mark my words, there will be another big Tom Cruise announcement sometime this fall or winter to coincide with the DVD release of this picture. Divorce is the hard-line, hyper-cynical view. You’d have to have a Level 12 tollerance for that kind of cynicism. But I digress. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced that they were pregnant with a second in time to hype things up a notch.

I have more thoughts about how we’re being marketed to on this one, but I want to save some thoughts for Friday’s comic.

One quick note about the book pre-sale – Since I announced the addition of a free numbered and original sketch for all pre-orders, you guys really perked up! I’m repeating it today in case anyone missed it due to my extreme late posting of Monday’s blog.

I’ll also mention that I am accepting guest strips. Cami and I will be on vacation from May 18 – 31 and I need a lot of comics to cover the gaps! So if you’re interested, please let me know!

Gonna close for now. Talk to you again real soon!

↓ Transcript
Man, can you believe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their baby three weeks before Mission Impossible III came out?

Oh, please! Don't act for a minute like the whole thing wasn't orchestrated!

I'll bet you ten bucks they'll be divorced to hype the DVD release.



I can actually SEE the cynicism oozing from your pores!

You should see a doctor about that.

Oh, gee! And be treated by the best that the American health care system has to offer?!