Sorry for the delay getting this posted to the site. I hope I didn’t leave too many of you in breathless anticipation. But at any rate…

Follow this link to learn more about Theater Hopper’s very first contest. A promotional DVD give-away in conjunction with Anchor Bay Entertainment. Five lucky winners will walk away with a copy of 1980’s The Long Good Friday. (available on DVD for the first time Tuesday, April 4) starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren.

This is a bit of a cult film, but it’s really good – I assure you. I watched it over the weekend and it reminds me a lot of other "across the pond" gangland flicks like Snatch. And honestly, when has Bob Hoskins ever been bad in anything? He was even good in The Super Mario Bros. Movie!

Entering the contest couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is send me an e-mail and winners will be chosen at random.

For more details on contest rules and participation, click here.  You can also read a synopsis on the film and forthcoming DVD as well as view the trailer and exclusive video clips!

You can expect me to make a little bit more noise about this in the coming days…