Just wanted to take a quick time-out to say congratulations to Ali Graham for crossing a monumental milestone. As of today, Ali has posted 1,000 strips of his comic HOUSD. It’s an amazing accomplishment and worthy of your attention.

I know you might be thinking to yourself  "1,000 comics? Gee, that’s a lot. I don’t know if I could ever read a comic like that. Think about all the stuff I missed!" To that, I say "Don’t worry about it." Ali produces a great comic. Sure, there might be a few inside jokes from time to time, but what’s funny is funny and I know you’ll see where he’s coming from. There’s no reason to feel intimidated.

Actually, there’s REALLY no reason to be intimidated, because today is also the launch date of the HOUSD Wikipedia! So you can get caught up in a flash!

Incidentally, Ali did a guest strip for us back in the day. So if you want a taste of what he’s capable of, check it out here.

Once again – Congrats, Ali. Here’s to 1,000 more.