Probably a more effecitve incentive sketch would have been to draw Cami actually kicking Chuck Norris in the nuts. I wanted to do it, but Thursday was just crazy and I didn’t get started on the strip until late. So I went for some juvenile photo manipulation. I dunno. It’s kind of growing on me! NO I AM NOT ON DRUGS!

I guess Cami was watching Ebert & Roeper last week and they gave a glowing review to Queen Latifah’s new movie Last Holiday. I didn’t see it, but I guess they were going on and on about what a great movie it was. Funny and light and restores your faith in confident comedies that aren’t trying so hard. Neither of us cared dime-one about this movie until a week ago. Now Cami is all hepped up to see it. Let’s just say I’m not putting a lot of confidence into a director named Wayne Wang, okay?

I suppose one could do much worse. Bloodrayne, anyone? But I’m more interested in seeing the 1950 original than I am of this remake. It stars Alex Guinness. And although I already know how it ends, I have to think it’s a more satisfying rental. We’ll see. Cami and I are also talking about seeing Capote this weekend in an attempt to stay ahead of Oscar nominations. I suppose if we really wanted to stay ahead, we would have gone to see it when it came out back in September.

Not much else to report except to direct your attention to the Bonus Materials section. I recently added some long-lost Fan Art from some very talented individuals. Included in the works is a VERY SPICY rendition of our very own Charlie by Aikida’s Josh Meinzer. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it. Check it out along with the other great contributions!

↓ Transcript
You know that Queen Latifah movie Last Holiday?

Oh, yeah! The one where she things she's gonna die, so she quits her job and goes to Europe!

I was wondering... what would you want to do with your last days?

I've actually though about this before.

Honestly? My plan would be to find Chuck Norris...


Y'know, my answer was going to be hugging you and hanging out with Truman...

...but the Chuck Norris thing is really starting to appeal to me!